About Ellen


I am a Curator and Storyteller. Partly rational, I adore professionalism, logic and self-discipline, while partly emotional, I pursue perfection, extreme and self-expression. Currently I am starting up in mobile internet and also lead TEDx movement in China, trying to find oneness between these contrasts.

The companies I was involved in before varied from leading internet startup platform, to wearable technology. My continuous involvement in internet industry at Beijing led me to trust the power of technology and how it can radically change people's lives in every way. Meanwhile, as technology has torn so much down, I believe it's our responsibility to build it back up.

TEDx, somehow, helps uncover my infatuation on curating and storytelling. My biggest passion and skill is crafting meanings out of scattered data and randomness, through storytelling (and media of future storytelling). Moreover, I will disrupt and reconstruct previous story by adding a new layer of understanding with both technology and art.


Chinese, English

TED Conferences

TEDActive 2012, TEDGlobal 2011

Areas of Expertise

Content Development, Curation, Storytelling , Comparative politics, China Studies, Internet, Entrepeneurship, Mobile Internet, Community Development

An idea worth spreading

At some point there's divinity over humanity, and everything happens for a reason, like uncontrollable separation, intense love, and chronic dissatisfaction. We only need to connect dots and go with the flow.

I'm passionate about

Content Development, Curation, Cross-disciplinary Storytelling, Self-expression, Searching for the boundaries, Comparative Politics, Internet, Technology, Art, Running, Yoga.


Peking Univeristy

Talk to me about

Reasons conflicting emotions. The edge of our life and the world. The power of oneness. The empowerment. The relation between story and data.

My TED story

TEDx Curator, TEDx Ambassador, also Promoting TED Prize. Life-changing moment was TEDGlobal at Scotland, where I had my first TED Conference.

Favorite talks