About Rob


after graduating as an industrial designer I worked in several jobs designing and implementing websites. After a few year I started to manage teams making websites for cultural, governmental and commercial parties. These websites (and companies) grew bigger and more complex. Doing these kind of projects I started to realise that getting organisations to be aware of the potential of the internet, their organisations had to be turned first. So usually a new website means reorganising your company completely. I have been talking and convincing people ever since. Showing the potential (and threats) of internet and social media. Not by theoretical stories but real ones, real projects and real cases. After a few years talking and getting into people's mind I got the opportunity to work at Delft University of Technology. At TU Delft, the team of people working on the internet site www.tudelft.nl was not getting the credit they deserved. I started working on a new website with this team. This of course meant a reorganisation of all the internet work that is done in a big organisation (5.500 employees and 16.500 students appr.) . After launching the new website I started working as a consultant online media which means I do pilot projects concerning social media and other web related technologies with a small group of people. After these pilots (Corporate Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Hyves, iTunes U, Youtube, Foursqaure layar, Socialcast, Gowalla etc etc) I advise the organisation how to implement it. I created a social media strategy for TU Delft.


Dutch, English, French, German

TED Conference

TEDGlobal 2011

Areas of Expertise

Interacting with people., Internet - Communities, Internet - Platforms / Performance, Internet and media, Internet and Traditional Media, Internet application marketing, interaction design, online strategy, Interactive and Traditional Marketing and Media, Web 2,0, Marketing + Branding

An idea worth spreading

Internet will kill local politics in 50 years time. People and natural organisations will take over. There will be some sort of global president with a ceremonial and diplomatically jobs

I'm passionate about

I'm passionate about talks I have with people sharing ideas and passion. Especially when my opinion differs from others. These talks generate the most breaking ideas

Talk to me about

What thrives human beings. The direction internet is evolving to. Politics relating to internet issues. How TED talks by people from our history could change history education for our children

People don't know I'm good at

Singing (sort of)

Favorite talks