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Joe Lassiter recommends

Check out extra resources on energy and climate, curated by Joe Lassiter.

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    Sustainable Energy without the Hot Air

    Mackay, D
    Cambridge: UIT Cambridge, 2009

    A thorough look at all the pieces of the energy technology landscape.

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    The Carbon Crunch

    Helm, D.
    Yale University Press, 2015

    A thorough look at all the pieces of the energy policy landscapee

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    Thorium: energy cheaper than coal

    Hargraves, R
    CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2012

    A good summary of the different nuclear alternatives as well as a clear presentation of the “world’s energy” problem, including the needs of the developed and developing countries. No matter how much the developed countries reduce energy consumption and move to zero-net carbon energy production, it doesn’t change the world’s climate future as the developing world moves their per capita energy consumption upward.

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    "International Energy Outlook"

    US Energy Information Administration

    It is best used in contrast with the OECD International Energy Agency’s information.

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    "World Energy Outlook"

    International Energy Agency

    A good source of statics and forecasts. It is best used in contrast with the US Energy Information Agency’s information.

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    "Renewables and decarbonization: Studies of California, Wisconsin and Germany"

    Brick, SW. and Thernstorm, S

    This article really points out the problem of matching supply and demand over the seasonal and multi-day conditions in electricity grids. Low-cost, low-emissions power requires that the intermittency of renewables is paired by zero-net carbon dispatchable sources of power.

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    "Radiation Effects and Sources"

    United Nations Environmental Program

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    "Radiation Exposure and Health Effects - is it Time to Reassess the Real Consequences?"

    Thomas GA, Symonds P
    Clinical Oncology

    An updated summary of what the world has learned from the radiological casualties and how that knowledge can be used to update public health regulations.

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    Third Way

    To learn about public policy action intended to accelerate the development of new nuclear in the US, please go here to learn about efforts of Third Way.

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    Bright New World

    To connect with nuclear energy policy efforts particularly in other parts of the world , please go here to follow Bright New World.

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    Energy for Humanity

    To connect with nuclear public policy efforts particularly in OECD-Europe , please go here to follow Energy for Humanity.