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8 Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders whose innovations have changed your life (really!)

Can you name a notable Asian-American or Pacific Islander scientist, inventor or entrepreneur? Don't worry -- after reading this article, you should have no problems remembering some.
Posted May 2021

Why you should play a game that imagines your company’s demise

Yes, it's a bit dark. But taking the time to imagine what could go wrong can actually help ensure your company’s longevity and success, says strategy and management expert Martin Reeves.
Posted Feb 2021

To make change happen at your organization, here’s the first step to take

It’s a myth that startups are the world’s drivers of innovation -- in fact, company employees are the primary sources of new ideas. But before you can propose them, you need to identify beliefs that are getting in your way. Here’s how, from innovation expert Kaihan Krippendorff.
Posted Feb 2020
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