Global issues

A collection of TED Talks (and more) on the topic of Global issues.

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Talks that will make you think twice

4 talks • 1h 3m
Everyday sights and experiences that are not as innocuous and innocent as they may seem.

How data can save lives

4 talks • 55:27
An exploration of what we can do to save the world with the massive amounts of data collected every day.

Why climate change is a human rights issue

11 talks • 2h 46m
Learn about the ways climate change is deeply altering how we live, where we live and the foods we eat -- ultimately threatening some of our most basic human rights.

The deadly genius of organized crime

5 talks • 1h 13m
Demystify criminal networks by learning how they build roots in society and weave themselves into the shadows of everyday life.

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Why ideas matter … now more than ever

It might seem like our interconnected world is unraveling, if last week’s Brexit vote is anything to go by. What can help knit humanity together? Great ideas, says TED curator C...
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