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How cultures around the world make decisions

Is the American obsession with individual freedom really such a great idea? What other cultures know about how to make good choices. Sit down at a restaurant in France, and ther...
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Freedom rising

11 talks • 2h 41m
From the Arab Spring to the emerging democracies of Eastern Europe, a new generation of freedom fighters -- entrepreneurs, journalists, activists -- shares powerful stories of resistance against dictatorships and oppression.

The pursuit of justice

9 talks • 2h 20m
Behold, courage. These speakers have the fortitude to stand up to some of the world's greatest injustices.

The road to peace

10 talks • 2h 24m
Peace. It's humanity's eternal, elusive dream. These speakers offer inspired ideas, practical advice and real-world examples from around the globe of how it just might be attainable.

Hans Rosling: 5 talks on global issues

5 talks • 1h 32m
Data visionary Hans Rosling's favorite talks keep an eye toward health, economics and population growth -- from business in Africa to youth culture in China.
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