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Most US homes are energy vampires — here’s how we need to rethink housing from the ground up

US households use almost twice as much energy as those in Europe and produce nearly one-fifth of America's energy-related carbon emissions. Here are ways that we can reduce their footprint and live cheaper and cleaner.
Posted Jul 2021

Build a giant solar farm in the Sahara and power the world? Here’s how that could hurt the climate instead

Why don't we turn uninhabited desert expanses, like the Sahara, into places to harvest solar power? Because the effects on our ocean, atmosphere and weather systems could be big and disastrous, say researchers Benjamin Smith and Zhengyao Lu.
Posted May 2021

5 questions to ask about any climate change solution, from Bill Gates

Next time you read an editorial proposing a climate fix or hear politicians touting plans to address the climate crisis, this basic framework will help you cut through the clutter and pick out the most viable ideas, says Bill Gates.
Posted Feb 2021
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