Climate change

Climate change: It's real, and our response will take two forms: slowing it down if we can ... and learning to live with the change we can't stop anymore. Watch these TED Talks for a primer on the issue of our times.

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Climatarian, flexitarian, vegetarian, vegan: Which diet is best for the planet? (And what do they mean?)

Changing what we eat can help reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable farming practices -- but which diet could make the biggest difference? Earth scientist Mark Maslin PhD breaks down the different options and tells you what they mean for climate change, your health and the planet.
Posted Sep 2022

Wonder about the impact of your daily cup of coffee on the planet? Here’s the bitter truth

Every day, more than two billion cups of coffee are consumed worldwide -- wow! Unsurprisingly, that staggering consumption comes with significant environmental and human costs. Learn what they are and four ways to drink more sustainably.
Posted Jul 2022

Want to make your wardrobe more sustainable? Cut your new clothing purchases by 75%

In the past 15 years, clothing production has doubled, draining our natural resources and using up Earth's limited carbon budget. Here, sustainability researchers share four things that we can do to tackle the fast fashion problem.
Posted Apr 2022
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