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Here’s one way to make solar energy more affordable and accessible: Share it with your neighbors

In the US, community solar projects could provide people in low-income communities with clean, cheaper energy while also transitioning them away from planet-polluting fossil fuels.
Posted Nov 2021

A quick explainer for COP26 — here’s how climate negotiations work and what’s at stake

Heads of state and corporate and NGO leaders are meeting at COP26 in November to discuss the climate crisis and set new targets. But what exactly will happen there? And how likely is real change to come from it? Law and policy adviser Shelley Inglis explains.
Posted Oct 2021

Here’s how your climate-related choices are contagious (in a good way!)

What's the key to inspiring positive action on climate change? Seeing and hearing about real solutions, says climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe PhD. Not only will you be more likely to act -- but more likely to support others who do.
Posted Sep 2021
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