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Here’s how your climate-related choices are contagious (in a good way!)

What's the key to inspiring positive action on climate change? Seeing and hearing about real solutions, says climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe PhD. Not only will you be more likely to act -- but more likely to support others who do.
Posted Sep 2021

Build a giant solar farm in the Sahara and power the world? Here’s how that could hurt the climate instead

Why don't we turn uninhabited desert expanses, like the Sahara, into places to harvest solar power? Because the effects on our ocean, atmosphere and weather systems could be big and disastrous, say researchers Benjamin Smith and Zhengyao Lu.
Posted May 2021

Yes, the US wants to cut carbon emissions in half by 2030 — and here’s how it plans to get there

US President Joseph R. Biden recently announced ambitious new climate goals. What are the changes needed to reach these new targets? And how will they affect our lives? Climate policy expert Nathaniel Keohane explains.
Posted Apr 2021
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