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Millions of tons of plastic are trashed every year. But what if we used it to pave our roads?

In fact, just one kilometer of road paved with a plastic blend can contain the equivalent of nearly 750,000 plastic bags! Science journalist Ann Parson looks at the possibilities -- and pitfalls -- of this creative solution.
Posted Jun 2021

This amazing robot swims like an eel AND detects pollution

Inspired by one of nature’s most efficient swimmers, bio-roboticist Auke Ijspeert and his team are building a sinuous robot that can venture into toxic waters.
Posted Feb 2018

This tower sucks up smog and turns it into diamonds

In one of the world’s most polluted cities, there’s a futuristic tower that sucks up smog, turns it into clean air, and filters out the smog particles so they can be turned into diamonds.
Posted Oct 2017
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