Day-of planning

On the day of your TEDx event, you’ll want to make sure everyone is prepped and primed for any unexpected issues that may arise. Your entire team should feel ready for the big day, and supported in each of their tasks.

Prepping your team for event day

Here are some guiding principles to follow when preparing your staff for the day of your TEDx event:

Confirm the details

In the weeks leading up to the event, you should confirm your venue, vendors, volunteers and speakers. Make sure everyone knows their responsibilities for the day. A good way to remind yourself is to include the confirmation process in your project timeline.

Set up the best method of communication

You’ll want your team to be in touch with each other on the day of the event. Figure out how your team members can talk to each other quickly through an easy and reliable form of communication. Would group text, chat, or walkie talkies be best? There are also great smartphone apps that could help you communicate with your team easily, like iPTT or Voxer. You also might want to think of creating a chain of command. Who should contact whom if a problem arises?

Create an event day checklist

The checklist can be used to track systems and facilities as they are tested, and to track people as they are confirmed. It especially helps to organize the checklist by category.

Develop an event day script

Develop a script and timeline for the event day that is given to everyone, including day-of volunteers, the event host and vendors.

Plan a rehearsal or run-through the day before

Have the volunteers and vendors involved in the event day activities run through the event beforehand to test your systems, and run through the script. Also give volunteers all the necessary details on who they're working with, and whom to ask when they don't know an answer. Also make sure they know where they should be at all times.

Keep track of the details

Event production is one of the most dynamic parts of the TEDx planning process. If you or one of your team members doesn’t have production experience, consider recruiting team members who do. Regular meetings and checklists will also help you stay on top of things.

Be flexible

It’s inevitable that something won’t happen according to plan. Have backup plans for as many scenarios as possible.

Give a big thanks

At the end of your event, you’ll want to thank your entire TEDx team for all of their hard work. They’ve sacrificed a lot of time and energy to make this event a success, so think about how you might show your gratitude, whether it be a special thanks on the stage, taking them out for a nice dinner after the event, or even thank you cards. A simple “thank you” onstage can go a long way.

Sample event day schedules
TEDx Tips
  • It’s one thing to organize an event, it’s another thing to run one. If you don’t have experience running an event, you should consider delegating someone on your team to be the event day manager. After all, you should also have backup support!