Relationship management

Once you’ve got sponsors, you’ll want to nurture those relationships every step of the way. You’ll want to make sure they feel valued and engaged throughout the planning process.

Managing your partnership

Remember that your sponsor is a partner in your event, and keep them posted on the important details of your event as they develop.

Work out the details early

Make sure to put together a sponsor agreement, to be signed by the sponsor and lead organizer. It’s important to clearly outline what the sponsor is agreeing to provide, and what they’ll get in return.

In order to figure out the best way they can engage your guests, hold a meeting with your sponsor and discuss creative options to consider, depending on what they can provide. A few examples:

  • A "sponsored meal:" an announcement that a meal or snack was provided by the sponsor.
  • A gift from the sponsor to all the attendees.
  • A short demonstration, given by the sponsor, to exhibit a new technology outside the main venue space.
  • An engagement area in your social space.
  • Logo placement on website and other materials.

Keep communication consistent

You’ll want to be in touch with your sponsors regularly until the day of the event. Here are ways to keep them in the loop:

  • Add them to your email updates about the event.
  • Follow up with personal notes and reminders on relevant info for them regarding your event planning, or new speakers you’re adding to the roster.
  • Foster relationships with members of your executive team, when relevant. (e.g., If your sponsor is featuring a demo of a product, introduce them to your event manager.)
  • Invite them to pre-event activities, so they can get a feel for your TEDx community and spirit.

Attend to them at the event

On the day of the event, you’ll want to make sure your sponsor is comfortable and attended to — you may want to assign one or more people from your team to connect with them a few times during the day of your event.

Follow up and assess impact

Once your event is over, it’s important to follow up with your sponsor to review the partnership. If you want to partner with them again for your next TEDx event, it’s important that they know you care about how they feel about the partnership, and the impact it had on their business. Also share what you've learned, and discuss how you might improve the partnership moving forward.

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