TEDx Publishing Policy

As curators and brand stewards, TEDx organizers are responsible for ensuring that every talk at their event complies with the terms of the TEDx license as described in the TEDx Content Guidelines and TEDx Copyright Guidelines. Your level of compliance with these terms and cooperation with the TED team may influence the status of your license or your eligibility for future licenses.

If you suspect a speaker at your event overstepped a guideline, please reach out to tedx@ted.com directly to let us know about it. Please do not submit the talk for review. We will review the content together and make a decision about how to proceed. If you think only a small part of the talk is non-compliant, we will advise you on whether or not it is possible to edit it in post-production before submitting to the uploader. When applying for a license renewal, please mention it in your application as an area of improvement for your next event.

TED reserves the right to remove, reject, annotate or limit the distribution of any TEDx talk.

While we put our best effort into reviewing all talks before publishing, the volume of submissions and diversity of language means we are unable to watch every single talk before publication. However, the team may reach out to you for the references and supporting documentation you or your speaker collected during the fact-check or clearing use of copyrighted material. If you are unable to provide adequate documentation to support the contents of the talk, and depending on the severity of the violation of TEDx guidelines, the talk may get published with a note from TED’s editors, removed from search results and, in extreme cases, TED may remove or not publish the video altogether. In some instances TED may ask you to edit and re-submit for review.

If a talk was credible at publication, but new research has proven otherwise, TED will most likely add a note from the editor and limit its availability in search results. Only in select cases will the talk be removed from the TEDx YouTube channel.

If a TEDx speaker no longer wants their talk available online for any reason, please reach out to tedx@ted.com directly to let us know about it and we will take the necessary steps to remove the talk from the TEDx YouTube channel. We take the privacy of TEDx speakers very seriously so even though all speakers have signed a speaker release agreeing to TED publishing their talk on the TEDx YouTube channel, TED understands that a speaker may prefer it not to be publicly accessible.

If a talk contains copyrighted material without the necessary license, the talk may be removed or not published altogether. In some instances, TED may ask you to edit and re-submit for review.