University event resources

So, you’re hosting a University event. A University event is a great way to source and celebrate innovation, insight, and new ideas from your school’s community. In fact, the very first TEDx event was a University event: TEDxUSC, back in 2009.

3 reasons why hosting a TEDx event at a university is ideal:

  • Professors make great speakers — Super smart people who specialize in teaching others what they know? Perfect.
  • Students are great at planning parties — a TEDx event is just a very educational one.
  • Schools have a lot of ideas worth spreading — all you have to do is find them.

Things to remember

Keep the whole university community in mind

College and universities are not just students, or just faculty, but in fact, a huge community of students, faculty, staff, friends, family, and alumni. Remember, your TEDx event should help form connections and spark new ideas. Consider how these groups can work together when you plan your event.

Consider starting a TEDx Club

Creating a TEDx Club at your school will help introduce TED and TEDx to your campus. It will give you a space to plan and discuss your event, to brainstorm new ideas, and watch talks. It also creates a formal structure through which you can receive university funding.

Don’t forget alumni

Alumni make great speakers, sponsors, volunteers, and advocates. Consider reaching out to your school’s alumni office for information on which alumni would be a great fit for your event.

Finding student and faculty speakers

Consider contacting department leaders for recommendations for speakers, or reaching out to campus publications to put out a call for speakers.

Accepting or rejecting speakers within the university

Whether you’re a student, faculty member or staff, choosing speakers from among your colleagues is a sensitive process. As you research and pursue speakers, you’ll find many people who are doing fascinating things, but aren’t right for your event. Stay firm in your resolve to create the best TEDx experience possible, and try to let people down gently.