A collection of TED Talks (and more) on the topic of Goal-setting.

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How to be a great leader

12 talks • 2h 54m
What makes a great leader? These TED Talks offer surprising, nuanced approaches on how to inspire and empower others to do their very best.

How to overcome your fears

9 talks • 1h 53m
Fear lives in the mind. So, how do we get it out of our heads? Follow in the footsteps of these speakers who have faced some of their deepest fears with strength and grace.


5 talks • 51:44
Counterintuitive advice that will help you set and achieve your goals for the short-term, long-term and those moments in between.

Motivation for the New Year (and every day, really)

12 talks • 2h 25m
The same resolutions every year -- get more sleep, eat healthier -- we know the drill. Let these talks inspire you to keep with those goals and perhaps add a few more to your list too.
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