Acting on his mandate to move Bhutan into the 21st century, Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay is transforming his nation — while maintaining its “Gross National Happiness.”

Why you should listen

Tshering Tobgay went from civil servant to politician to prime minister -- all the while maintaining his star social media profile in one of Asia’s most progressive emerging states. As the second democratically elected Prime Minister of Bhutan, Tobgay continues to emphasize his country’s core value of happiness.

Bhutan's acclaimed "Gross National Happiness" index prioritizes well-being over financial growth. But Tobgay also seeks to solve Bhutan's great challenges: unemployment, poverty, gaps in education and infrastructure. WIth a foundation of optimism, his administration and the country's young democracy hope to become a paragon of stability in the developing world.

What others say

“The engineer-turned-bureaucrat-turned-politician is heading his country's passage to democracy with an unusual mix of jest and humility.” — Quartz India, June 15, 2014