A collection of TED Talks (and more) on the topic of Decision-making.

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Our brains: predictably irrational

14 talks • 3h 46m
The 3 pounds of jelly in our skulls allow us to reflect on our own consciousness -- and to make counterintuitive, irrational decisions. These talks explore why.

The most popular TED Talks of 2018

25 talks • 5h 10m
What. A. Year. These 25 TED Talks helped us make better decisions, taught us some fascinating science, gave us some hope for humanity and showed us what it's like to climb 3,000 feet ... without a rope.

The power of asking

4 talks • 48:11
These talks reveal that some things are more within your grasp than you may think, especially if you ask.

Talks to watch when your company's reorganizing

7 talks • 1h 41m
Some advice and perspectives to keep in mind when your company's going through structural changes.

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