After making a splash in the field of bioinformatics, Sebastian Wernicke moved on to the corporate sphere, where he motivates and manages multidimensional projects.

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Dr. Sebastian Wernicke is the Chief Data Scientist of ONE LOGIC, a data science boutique that supports organizations across industries to make sense of their vast data collections to improve operations and gain strategic advantages. Wernicke originally studied bioinformatics and previously led the strategy and growth of Seven Bridges Genomics, a Cambridge-based startup that builds platforms for genetic analysis.

Before his career in statistics began, Wernicke worked stints as both a paramedic and successful short animated filmmaker. He's also the author of the TEDPad app, an irreverent tool for creating an infinite number of "amazing and really bad" and mostly completely meaningless talks. He's the author of the statistically authoritative and yet completely ridiculous "How to Give the Perfect TEDTalk."

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“Genius and hilarious ...” — @Brainpicker

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Choose your own TEDTalk: Sebastian Wernicke at TED2012

March 2, 2012

Photos: James Duncan Davidson Sebastian Wernicke thinks there’s something missing from the Full Spectrum of TED2012: The audience has had no influence over the talks. This is in the vein of the old Choose Your Own Adventure books, invented by accident by Edward Packard. Wernicke is going to tell us that story, but he needs some […]

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Live from TED

Lies, damned lies and statistics (about TEDTalks): Sebastian Wernicke on

April 30, 2010

In a brilliantly tongue-in-cheek analysis, Sebastian Wernicke turns the tools of statistical analysis on TEDTalks, to come up with a metric for creating “the optimum TEDTalk” based on user ratings. How do you rate it? “Jaw-dropping”? “Unconvincing”? Or just plain “Funny”? (Recorded at TEDActive 2010, February 2010 in Palm Springs, CA. Duration: 5:59) [ted id=846 […]

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