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Even gritty people get discouraged

But during those moments of doubt and defeat, it's the questions you ask yourself that can really make the difference in where you go from there. Psychologist Angela Duckworth PhD explains.
Posted Nov 2022

How can you uncover your best self? Start by judging other people — really

Uncovering your micro-motives -- that collection of super-specialized things that make your particular heart sing -- are key to finding fulfillment and success at work, say social scientists Todd Rose and Ogi Ogas. And there's a fun way to identify them: observing how you judge others.
Posted Oct 2018

Why having a Plan B can sometimes backfire

Research has found that having a backup plan might actually sabotage your efforts toward Plan A. Before you set up your safety net, read these lessons from women scientists.
Posted Jun 2017
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