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The pursuit of justice

8 talks • 2h 01m
Behold, courage. These speakers have the fortitude to stand up to some of the world's greatest injustices.

South America!

10 talks • 2h 18m
Creativity and innovation are flowing in South America, while countries across the continent still face unique challenges. As we plan for TEDGlobal 2014—happening in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in October—this playlist will get you in the spirit.

Adventures in mapping

12 talks • 2h 27m
Maps don’t just tell you which street to turn left on. Maps convey information that shapes our lives, deepen our understanding of problems and our ability to create solutions, and whisk our imaginations to new lands. See what we mean, below.

Calling all sports fans

10 talks • 2h 31m
Whether you love to swim, run, ski, shoot hoops or play cricket, these talks will make you wish you had a foam finger to hoist in the air.
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