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Theme: Voices of Change

This event occurred on
February 22, 2024
Al Ain, Abū Z̧aby
United Arab Emirates

Get ready to be inspired, provoked, and deeply moved at the TEDxAl Sanawbar Youth event titled "Voices of Change." In an ever-changing world, our speakers will amplify their voices to tackle urgent issues, initiate conversations, and spark actions that drive meaningful transformations.

"Voices of Change" is a tribute to the youth who speak up fearlessly, advocate change, and envision a brighter future for everyone. Through a series of captivating talks and interactive discussions, we will delve into the influence of individual and collective voices in bringing about positive changes across diverse fields, including technology, science, social justice, and the arts.

Our thoughtfully selected lineup of speakers consists of change-makers, innovators, and advocates who have devoted their lives to making a positive impact. Whether they're sharing personal stories of resilience and triumph or introducing groundbreaking concepts with the potential to reshape our world, each speaker will provide a distinct perspective on how their voice contributes to the greater good.

Join us at TEDxAl Sanawbar Youth - Voices of Change to witness a harmonious blend of diverse voices coming together on a shared platform. Immerse yourself in an environment that stimulates intellectual growth, collaboration, and empathy as we navigate the paths towards progress. Together, we will uncover the potential of our combined voices to inspire change, question conventions, and bridge societal divides.

Event Details:

Date: 15th February 2024
Time: 05:00 P.M
Location: Zayed Central Library

Ensure you don't overlook the chance to participate in a movement that honors the influence of Voices of Change. Come along for a day of interaction, motivation, and proactive engagement, as we articulate ideas with the capacity to positively transform our world. TEDxAl Sanawbar Youth extends an invitation for you to become a driving force for change. Will you answer the call?

Abu Dhabi University - Al Ain New Campus
Al Muwaij'iAl - Al Sallan - Abu Dhabi
Ground Floor
Al Ain, Abū Z̧aby, 64141
United Arab Emirates
Event type:
Youth (What is this?)
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Speakers may not be confirmed. Check event website for more information.

Abdul Rahman Abdul Ghani

High School Senior at Al Sanawbar School (Year 13)
Abdulrahman, a coding maestro, transforms keyboards into gateways of digital wonder. At Al Sanawbar School, he's not just an academic star but a linguistic detective and a scientific explorer. His zest for knowledge isn't confined to bytes; it spans Arabic grammar and the intricacies of the human body. Yet, beneath his brilliance, a resilient spirit emerged when diabetes struck at 12. In the face of adversity, he found solace in his grandfather's wisdom: "Even the darkest night eventually gives way to dawn." Armed with faith, Abdulrahman embraced his condition, turning it into a challenge to conquer. Managing diabetes became a meticulous dance between readings, books, and prayer. Today, galloping on his horse, wind tousling his hair, Abdulrahman embodies triumph. With diabetes as his companion, he is a testament to resilience, a beacon of hope riding towards a brighter dawn.

Ahmed Kamal El Dien

High school senior at Al Sanawbar School (Year 13)
Ahmed Kamal is a high school senior at Al Sanawbar Private School in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates. He is a hard-working and dedicated student, a talented athlete, and a dedicated member of his community. He is also a passionate advocate for honesty and transparency. Ahmed has been involved in many extracurricular activities throughout his high school career. He is the President of the SRSC, has played on the school's football team, and has participated in many community service trips. Outside of school, he enjoys playing football and MMA. Ahmed is a well-rounded and accomplished individual. He is sure to achieve great things in the future.

Carla Mattar

High school junior at Al Sanawbar School (Year 12)
Carla Mattar, born in the UAE on October 15, 2007, values her family's unwavering support as the eldest daughter. Recognized for her unique fusion of creativity in music, particularly the piano, and art crafts, alongside her athleticism, Carla's life journey underscores the crucial role of determination in achieving success. From an early age, Carla demonstrated her talents by crafting intricate creations, excelling in various sports like basketball, swimming, gymnastics, and Jiu-Jitsu. However, it was her profound passion for Taekwondo that truly shaped her character. Taekwondo became her way of life, imparting valuable lessons in discipline and perseverance. Carla's mission is to inspire others, especially young women, to embrace their potential in STEM fields, highlighting the importance of determination and resilience, particularly for those who have faced challenges in the past.

Dalia Fayad

High School Senior at Al Sanawbar School (Year 13)
Born in Lebanon and raised in UAE, Dalya Fayad is the youngest in her brood. Raised in the UAE, a firecracker with remarkable athletic prowess and creative spirit. She developed a passion for sports early on and became a multi-sport athlete enthusiastically tearing through competitions. Dalia's journey took a tougher turn as she endured a difficult childhood marked by mistreatment and abuse. Through sheer resilience, she found solace in her athletic pursuits and artistic outlets. Overcoming the hurdles, Dalia sought help to address her mental health and ADHD, gradually turning her life around. Through sports and creativity, she not only shattered the walls of academic challenges, but also used her expertise as beacon of hope to inspire others facing their adversities. Dalia's story is a testament to strength, perseverance, and the transformative power of resilience.

Hussein Hariri

High school senior at Al Sanawbar School (Year 13)
Hussein Hariri, a fervent advocate for the intricate dance between language and identity, discovered his passion for words early on. Raised in a multicultural milieu, he witnessed the profound impact of language on shaping individual and collective identities. The revelation that our chosen words actively mold who we are has become a guiding principle in Hussein's life. As he continues to navigate the nuanced terrain of language and identity, Hussein aims to inspire others. He encourages an appreciation for the beauty of language diversity, emphasizing that within the mosaic of words lies the rich tapestry of our shared humanity. Join Hussein on his journey, where the eloquence of language becomes a transformative force, shaping not only our expressions but also the essence of who we are.

Layan Dayoub

High School Junior at Al Sanawbar School (Year 12)
Layan Dayoub, the eldest of her two siblings, was born in the UAE. She is a girl who favors learning new things. During her early years, she traveled a lot, saw many different sights, and gained fresh perspectives of life. She further started to enjoy sports and eating habits at the time. She grew up engaging in a range of sports, including tennis, volleyball and basketball, which was her all-time favorite. Becoming successful has always been her dream. She likewise shows an unstoppable will to succeed in life. Layan is well known for pursuing her goals in spite of all the obstacles she faced. She constantly puts her all into everything, understanding that the key to success is perseverance. Layan's path has been an adventure of learning, growth, and self-discovery along with acquiring fresh ideas and perspectives.

Lidya Kasem

Speech-Language Pathology Third-year Undergraduate Student at the College of Medicine and Health Sciences (UAEU)
Lidya Kasem is a Neuro Leader passionate about exploring the neural basis of leadership insights. She believes that true leaders inspire others to think, act, and communicate with purpose and belonging, without external incentives. Lidya's interdisciplinary approach to neuroscience and leadership motivates youth to become the change they want to see in the world, for the good of everyone. She believes that understanding the neuroscience of leadership can catalyze more effective interventions that lead to a more powerful, productive, and healthier society.

Mohammed Al Kuwaiti

High School Senior at Al Sanawbar School (Year 13)
Mohammed Saif Al Kuwaiti, born and raised in the dynamic city of Al Ain, is an adventurer at heart. His love for travel has taken him across 18 countries, each journey adding a new chapter to his life's adventure. Passionate about cyber security, Mohammed's pursuit of knowledge led him to Quinnipiac University in the US for an intensive two-week course. His dedication extends beyond academics; he has contributed an impressive 200 hours towards community service. An avid sports enthusiast, Mohammed keeps himself fit and agile, a testament to his discipline and determination. Despite a packed schedule filled with diverse hobbies, Mohammed always finds joy in every moment. With a future full of ambition, he is on a relentless pursuit to achieve his goals. Mohammed's story is one of passion, resilience, and the relentless pursuit of knowledge.

Shahd Aljijakli,

High School Senior at Al Sanawbar School (Year 13)
Shahd Aljijakli, a Syrian refugee who has overcome numerous obstacles, stands as a beacon of resilience and determination. Despite the turmoil of war and displacement she faced in Syria, Shahd never wavered in her spirit. Forced to move frequently, she never had the opportunity to settle down, yet she embraced change as a catalyst for personal growth. With unwavering belief in the transformative power of change, she encourages others to view life's unpredictable twists and turns as opportunities for self-discovery. Shahd's journey exemplifies the human capacity to thrive amidst adversity, inspiring us to embrace change and shape our own narratives.

Syed Baqar

Business Major: Marketing, 2nd Year
Syed, a harmonious blend of intellect and athletic prowess, captains Al-Ain University's basketball team, continuing a leadership journey that began in high school. His finesse on the court mirrors his cognitive brilliance, evident in exceptional academic pursuits. In the digital realm, Syed emerges as a polymath, navigating NFTs with entrepreneurial flair, selling over 60,000 AED worth on the marketplace. A seasoned crypto trader, he grasps the nuances of the financial landscape. Passionate about the future, Syed directs his intellect towards machine learning and AI, crafting insightful YouTube videos on these cutting-edge technologies. Beyond academia and entrepreneurship, Syed's contemplative nature delves into life's reflections. He believes true wisdom emerges from understanding what not to do—a philosophy rooted in invaluable trial and error lessons. Syed inspires excellence in academia, sports, entrepreneurship, and tech innovation, a guiding beacon for others.

Yahia Zakarya

High School Senior at Al Sanawbar School (Year 13)
Yahia's innate curiosity drove him to develop critical thinking and information-seeking skills through his diverse interests in movies, football, reading, strategy, and video games. This cultivated his unique, creative perspective, bolstering his stoic dedication to his beliefs, family, friends, and environment. His relentless pursuit of knowledge persists.

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