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Theme: Living in a Global World

This event occurred on
May 27, 2023
Sofia, Sofia

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized (subject to certain rules and regulations).

Anglo-American School of Sofia
1 Siyanie
Sofia, Sofia, 1137
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Youth (What is this?)
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Agnes Blessing Amoh

Student @ AAS Sofia
Agnes Amoh was born and raised in Ghana. She has lived in two countries as of now; Ghana and Bulgaria. She speaks English fluently as well as 2 other Ghanaian dialects. She also aspires to become fluent in French. Agnes notices that oftentimes people focus on having a "better future" and therefore do not take advantage of their "present". As she has been actually a victim of this herself, she wishes to reflect on the past and warn people not to walk her regretful path. Just recently, Agnes had moved to Bulgaria, a small 6th grader without a care in the world. She'd always been shy and refused to take on leadership roles as well as socialize with people.Now she's 2/3 through 10th grade and has to choose her IB courses. She's overwhelmed and utterly flabbergasted by how quickly her childhood has passed. Ultimately, she regrets not taking advantage of it in every way possible.

Alessia Morosini

Student @ AAS Sofia
Alessia is a 17 years old, half Italian, half Bulgarian girl. She was born in Sliven, Bulgaria, but when she was 5 she moved to Bergamo, Italy. She then moved to Sofia, Bulgaria when she was 15. She speaks Italian, English, Spanish, and a bit of Bulgarian. She is interested in this topic because living in an international environment helped her understand the benefits of this in becoming a good global citizen. When she was 15 she began to live in an international environment, which helped her realize how important this can be to become a global citizen. This talk focuses on the benefits of living in an international environment during adolescence

Alina Sharaf

Student @ AAS Sofia
Alina Sharaf was born in Virginia, USA and has since lived in both Syria and Bulgaria. She was raised by her half Texan, half Syrian mother and Syrian father. She speaks English fluently, but hopes to learn other languages. Alina has often wondered what she can do to get people to listen to her and now that she has the opportunity to present to a large audience she wants to tell them how they too can assert their leadership. Alina has fallen victim to fake stories both online and in real life. Why are these facts able to trick so many of us? This talk looks into what features make something believable. In this Global World information spreads faster than ever before. As a result it has become almost impossible to detect the real from the fake. This talk highlights the importance of not being gullible in such a plugged in world.

Cosme Matas Montes

Student @ AAS Sofia
He is from Mallorca, Spain he is a - fan of football club Barcelona. Cosme Matas Montes is going to talk about a life changing experience related to one of his greatest passions. When Cosme was 9 he experienced bullying at school and this situation seemed to overwhelm him . However becoming part of a local football team changed the way he saw the world .Playing sports and being part of a community could make you invincible!

Liliana Spaziani

Student @ AAS Sofia
Liliana was born in Frosinone, Italy. When she was only 4, she moved to Cairo, learnt the language, and left a piece of her heart there. In 2016, she moved to beautiful Heidelberg, Germany and stayed there for 4 years. She speaks Italian, English, German, A little Arabic, and has been studying Spanish since 6th grade. Lilly loves traveling, drawing, swimming, baking, reading, and being with her friends. Her self acceptance journey has enabled her to love herself and inspire others to do so as well. When Liliana was younger, she got bullied for being chubbier for several years. Her journey with self-love and looking past beauty standards have made her stronger and confident. This talk focuses on how you will never be perfect, no matter what you do.

Melanie Corby

Student @ AAS Sofia
Melanie was born in Fairfax, Virginia. She has lived in California USA, Tijuana Mexico, Harare Zimbabwe, LaPaz Bolivia, Springfield Virginia, and Sofia Bulgaria. There have been many ups and downs to this. She wanted to make her perspective on moving and how it has affected her. She wants people to understand or see one of the many perspectives there are. Melanie has moved a lot. She recently found out about a term for kids like her, Third culture kids. She is here to tell you everything the dictionary can't in her talk about third culture kids.

Nikolay Grigorov

Student @ AAS Sofia
Nikolay Grigorov was born in Sofia, Bulgaria and has lived there since. He is fluent in Bulgarian and English, but he also knows a bit of German and Spanish. He is passionate about aviation, music and geography and he also loves traveling. In his travels across the world he becomes more aware of our global problems, and we can not solve them alone. In his travels around the world Nikolay Grigorov has encountered the global problems of our planet, such as pollution and global warming, but we can only solve these problems with global teamwork. My talk is about how being a global citizen is necessary for global teamwork to solve the global problems of our world.

Nina Chadikovska

Student @ AAS Sofia
Nina Chadikovska was born in Skopje, North Macedonia. She has lived in Skopje, both Podgorica and Kotor, and finally Sofia. She is fluent in Macedonian and English, however, she is actively learning Serbian and Spanish. Nina and her friends have always occasionally indulged in gossip. The action itself has been demonized around the world and is known to be an action rooted in hatred. Nina has come to defend gossiping and shed light on its important and vital factors.

Presiyana Petkova

Student @ AAS Sofia
Presiyana Petkova was born in Sofia, Bulgaria. Both of her parents are Bulgarian and she has lived here her whole life. Presiyana is fluent in English and Bulgarian and at the moment studies German and Spanish. Some of her favourite things include drawing, spending time outside with her loved ones, volleyball, soup and music. - Presiyana sometimes finds herself focusing too much on the negative instead of on the positive. She believes that through gratitude people can help each other evolve, find courage and happiness. Gratitude helps us find strength to focus on the positive in our lives. When we are too focused on our own sadness and problems we make this bubble around us which limits us from noticing what is really happening out in the world. We can never help ourselves nor others if we are too busy with the negative. Gratitude is the reality check which teaches us to never forget finding the good and doing it.

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