Tom Graham is using AI to make the impossible possible.

Why you should listen

Tom Graham is the CEO and cofounder of Metaphysic, a pioneering generative AI platform which uses proprietary AI tools to create hyperrealistic content and avatars. Think: photorealistic, Hollywood-grade content featuring utterly convincing but entirely tech-generated versions of today's biggest stars, deceased celebrities, even regular people. Since Metaphysic's founding in 2021, they've created viral moments such as a performance on America’s Got Talent that resurrected Elvis Presley as well as the TikTok parody account @DeepTomCruise, which posts AI-generated, photorealistic videos featuring Miles Fisher playing the character DeepTomCrusie. Other projects include Every Anyone, a web3 platform and community which lets anyone create hyperreal avatars using AI and biometric data.
A lawyer, Graham previously founded two other AI and web3 companies and also researched internet and society issues at Harvard Law School. He wants to ensure that ethics and questions of individual empowerment remain central as we build online worlds and identities that are indistinguishable from reality.

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