Solitaire Townsend

Sustainability solution seeker
Cofounder and chief solutionist of global agency Futerra, Solitaire Townsend argues that the creative industries can’t be neutral in the face of the climate crisis.

Why you should listen

After three decades of fighting climate change, Solitaire Townsend is now convinced human creativity is our greatest tool for changing everything for the better -- or worse. When standing on the edge of chaos, creativity can’t be neutral. Townsend is chief solutionist and cofounder of the global change agency Futerra and chair of the Solutions Union charity. From Google, Formula 1, L'Oréal and Mars, to the United Nations and WWF, she helps organizations find answers to their hardest sustainability questions. She was named "Ethical Entrepreneur of the Year" in 2008 and more recently chair of the UK Green Energy Scheme, a member of the United Nations Sustainable Lifestyles Taskforce and a London Leader for Sustainability. She is the author of The Happy Hero: How to Change Your Life by Changing the World and The Solutionists: How Businesses Can Fix the Future.

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