R.A. Mashelkar

Scientist, innovator
Using a principle he calls “convex lens leadership,” R.A. Mashelkar’s vision has catapulted india’s talent for science and innovation onto the international stage.

Why you should listen

R.A. Mashelkar holds a long list of directorships, degrees and awards, all focused on advancing science and inclusive innovation in india. He's the president of the Global Research Alliance. While promoting and leading research agencies, he also has spearheaded efforts to protect traditional knowledge and expand intellectual property rights.

Known for his pioneering scientific contributions in polymer science, he is now propagating the principles of gandhian engineering, a system of development aligned with sustainability principles to create more useful goods and services for more people using fewer resources.

What others say

“Dr. Mashelkar’s life and work are an immense source of inspiration for young scientists and technologists.” — Dr. Man Mohan Singh, Prime Minister of India

R.A. Mashelkar’s TED talk