Matt Mills comes from Aurasma, a startup that makes augmented-reality technology for mobile phones.

Why you should listen

Augmented reality is the process of adding layers of information onto the world we see, viewable only through technology. In this space, the Aurasma Lite app uses a smartphone and camera to lay "auras"--3D images, games, animations--onto real-world places. Point your phone at a movie poster on the street and launch a trailer; point at a building to pull up an interactive map... or create your own "aura" and upload it to the virtual space for anyone to see. Matt Mills and Tamara Roukaerts both joined Aurasma when it launched in June 2011.

They say: "This is the next step on from simply browsing the internet because now the digital content we discover, create and share can be woven seamlessly in to the world around us."

What others say

“We love paper and we love technology ... so, this hybridization is the result!” — Ethel Baraona Pohl, architecture writer, commenting on Domus' recent collaboration with Aurasma

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