Laura Vanderkam shatters the myth that there just isn’t enough time in the week for working professionals to live happy, balanced and productive lives.

Why you should listen

Between careers and kids, many women feel that they are too busy to cram in anything else. To test the truth of this feeling, author Laura Vanderkam began logging her time for each of the 168 hours of the week. Among her surprising findings: we retroactively overestimate the amount of time spent stressing about work while underestimating our available downtime.

In her latest book, I Know How She Does It, Vanderkam analyzes the ways in which professional women successfully balance free time and work -- and explores how everyday readers can benefit from their experiences.

What others say

“Through a combination of her own study, mountainous research and the results of this group of successful professionals, I Know How She Does It offers concrete, specific and tested solutions to the time management problems that plague most of us.” — Grown and Flown, 2015

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