Debbie Lovich

Work futurist
Debbie Lovich is a managing director and senior partner at BCG, where she is the global leader of BCG's people strategy topic.

Why you should listen

Debbie Lovich believes all the best strategies and plans are worthless without the leaders, people and culture to deliver them -- and that organizations need to understand these "soft" areas are the toughest to address. She frequently points out that unlike linear operational plans, people are organic and therefore require significant attention, prioritization and investment from the entire C-suite team to change.

Currently global lead of Boston Consulting Group’s People Strategy topic, Lovich has spent the past half of her nearly 30-year consulting career on driving leadership and culture changes with her clients who span industries and countries. Since COVID-19 hit, Lovich has been leading BCG’s thinking on the future of work. She believes organizations must use this unique moment in time to fundamentally rethink what work is. She has also applied her expertise internally for BCG, where she led the development and rollout of the firm’s global predictability, teaming and open communication (PTO) program, an initiative to improve BCG's culture and work-life balance. Lovich, a bi-weekly Forbes contributor, has a BA in economics from Barnard College and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

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