Colin Camerer

Behavioral economist
Colin Camerer is a leading behavioral economist who studies the psychological and neural bases of choice and strategic decision-making.

Why you should listen

Colin Camerer focuses on brain behavior during decision making, strategizing and market trading. He is the Robert Kirby Professor of Behavioral Finance and Economics at the California Institute of Technology. A child prodigy in his youth, Camerer received a B.A. in quantitative studies from Johns Hopkins when he was just 17 and a PhD in decision theory from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business when he was 22. Camerer's research departs from previous theory in that it does not assume the mind to be a rational and perfect system, but rather focuses on the limitations of everyday people when they play actual games, and seeks to predict how they will behave in situations that involve strategy. His studies focus on neurological findings from economic experiments in the lab (on humans -- and monkeys!) Camerer is the author of Behavioral Game Theory.

What others say

“Colin Camerer's Behavioral Game Theory is a major achievement. Nothing like it is available thus far. ... [Camerer] has taken the trouble to 'talk through' hundreds of tricky arguments that elsewhere just get stated mathematically.” — David G. Pearce

Colin Camerer’s TED talk

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