Angela Francis

Champion for the green economy
Angela Francis finds ways to work on changing our human systems — energy, production, consumption, transport and planning — to bring them in line with our environment.

Why you should listen

Angela Francis started as an accountant in the energy industry before moving into economic development where she has worked for the last 20 years.  At the East of England Development Agency and economic consultancy, SQW she focused on productivity, innovation and low carbon growth in UK and Europe regions. In 2012, she took those skills to the Caribbean where she was Regional Economist and Climate Attaché for the FCO. Returning to the UK she found her home in environmental advocacy. She was as Chief Economist for Green Alliance, where she led on industrial strategy, tech and the economic case for a low carbon and circular economy. Francis is now Chief Advisor, Economics and Economic Development at WWF, providing economic advice across the climate, food and nature programs as well as leading on trade and industrial policy for a green transition.   She is a member of UCL’s Green Innovation Policy Commission and IPPR’s Environmental Justice Commission.

Angela Francis’ TED talk