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November 17, 2013
12:00am - 12:00am EET
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The Spark!" is the theme for this year's TEDxYouth@Shibinelkom event and for the TEDxYouthDay community.
As Oprah said once “You have to find what sparks a light in you so that you in your own way can illuminate the world.”
“The Spark” much like the global TEDxYouth community, represents a vast range of people and ideas that empower and inspire us. With this theme we are hoping to encourage you all to show us what “sparks” light up your community, to show us what ideas and people have inspired you!

TEDxYouth@Shibinelkom took place on 30th of November with a selected attendees of young enthusiastic people.It was a 6 hours event and it was great.The flow of Talks and performances was chosen to give everyone the opportunity to think more about the last talk and to make it feels as if the talk and performance were connected or emphasizing a certain idea.The only one break was long enough to allow the spark of conversation between attendees and speakers to ask them about their experience and if they can help.It was fun, productive and exciting.

ShibinelKom, 32512
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Mayam Mahmoud

A hijab-wearing rapper, Mahmoud has challenged some Egyptians' expectations of how women – and hijab wearers in particular – are meant to behave. she is 18 years old and an economics undergraduate.Through her songs she wants tackle harassment and victim-blaming head-on – condemning Egyptian society for accepting harassment as part of everyday life, and for laying the blame for it on women rather than men.

Mohamed Ibrahim

A Poet who writes in common spoken arabic and got to be considered as the voice of most Young boys and girls.His poets touches deeply inside of each one's experience through life,that is because he faced the same problems and experiences. Through his poets ,he created that special connection between him and most Youth as they were able to relate to his simple language and every day experience.

Sherif Yehia

A candidate of the Hit pan-Arab reality TV competition "Stars of Science" that was created by Qatar Foundation.He was a finale candidate whose invention was a Sawti- Speech Synthesizer for the Language Impaired.He was Inspired by the daily struggles faced by his cousin, who is speech and hearing-impaired.The technology is designed to pair the sounds and spoken word of the speech-impaired and translate them into clearer speech as either recorded voice or as text. He passed all through the difficult processes of the competition and was able to take it all through the finale.

Sara Hegazy

Sara Hegazy is an ambitious young fashion designer which was born in Egypt and brought up in Dubai. Sara is a Communication Engineer who has the fashion designing talent since 1996. She started designing 1996 and started executing her designs 1999 . Creativity is Sara's way of dreaming and has no boundaries when it comes to lines and fabrics. She feels that DESIGNS are an idea for imaginations decorating women's figure. Her Nature aspiration allows her to come up with unique pieces, Thus " Sara Hegazy " FashioNature was born. She is also a proud participant in the Dubai Fashion Week [DFW] in Spring/summer 2011 emerging talent , She is top five of the Maybelline designer 2010 contest. Sara's couture is to design glamorous Bridal Wear and cocktail evening dresses supported with unique cuts and custom made paints .

Ahmed Ragab

A blogger, Photographer and architecture engineer who is interested in volunteering work and in the urban development and the quality of life in the unofficial regions.That interests led him to travel to many countries as Sudan,Kenya, Palestine,KSA, Holland and other cities.There, He got the chance to compare the different interactions of the different communities with their urban environment. through his travels, he learnt to believe in the power of community culture to liberate the people.

Hassan Mohamed

A young,engineer and inventor.His first invention was the robot that cleans surfaces of glass of large skyscrapers. But,the inventions through which he got connected to people was the wheel chair.He was able to make a full wheel chair as imported from different countries but with lower cost so that the ordinary people can afford it.He built the wheel chair according to the case's demand.He can make it operate by remote or mobile application or even a mind reading helmet.He can make it also to stand up to enable the person reach upper shelves or write on board.He get innovative while creating it.Hassan started with a very small resources using his own garage and building up the machine he needs to get the work done.He always says,' You don't need a million pounds to start your own business.Start with what you have and get innovative"

Yusuf Hamdy

A mechanic engineer who started his own initiative with friends from his block.The initiative is called "Mant2ty-My Block" .It aims to start cleaning and taking care of the neighborhood by its own people.It aims to create a better spirit among people and create an atmosphere of cooperation and care, and also to create better places eventually.the project's vision is to accomplish its mission starting from the smallest block in Egypt to its largest street.

Adel Sharf-ElDin

An actor and theater director. He started his career since college where he joined the theater team and gave performances all over Egypt in different competitions.His first project as a director was creating a version of "InterMezzo" play by Jean Giraudoux, then he made his own version of "Rhinoceros" the play by Eugene Ionesco. Adel created the version to be more compatible with Egypt's ongoing events and relating it to the current events in The country.Currently,His Theater band is going all over Egypt performing their own plays and receiving wide good response.

Medhat Mamdouh

Medhat Mamdouh was born on 13th of December 1933. He started to play the recorder at age 14 without learning any techniques from any body.He discovers it from his own to reach his dream.He won the competition of Nokia Asha free style as he won votes from Egypt,Morocco and Jordan. He learnt to play recorder and beat boxing at the same time giving new creative tunes.

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Tanta , Egypt
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