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This event occurred on
June 16, 2013
2:00pm - 5:00pm CST
(UTC +8hrs)
Guangzhou City

【About the theme】

The spirit of child, a kind of humanistic spirit with eternal value, which represents the new force of thinking, exploration and creation ,should become a lasting life style in one’s life rather than be in only a period time of life.

The spirit of child, which we see as a new starting point,encourages us to reflect what we have accepted and have taken for granted.

What we hope ,is that people can understand how important the critical thinking is.

What we know ,is that it takes time for people to change.

What we can do, is that inspire people to ask questions again and keep critical thinking .

We believe that , finding critical thinking again and enhancing our cognitive capacities can bring more possibility and diversity to our life.


1. Zhao Han | Why I Give Up The Value Of The Elite?

She studied in Tsinghua University for her freshman year and then went to study in HongKong University for the rest of university life. After graduating in HongKong University, she received a job in Big Four Accounting firm and possessed handsome salary that everyone envies.
However, She gave up this job and choose to devote her career in one of non-government organization which provides services for the children of the migrant workers.
From Peking to HongKong , From accoutant to NGOer. Her experience convinced her that what she pursuit is the soul and spirit of life. The more outstanding the elites are, the more opportunities to contact the grass-root people the elites need.

2. Li Sipan | Why I Want To Push Feminism?

Li Sipan, whose original name is Li Jun, is senior media person and the curator of Women Internet of new media in Guangzhou..
During her spare time in the past ten years, she have devoted her life in advocating gender equity in the mainstream media.Her main master pieces not only include political reports which she mainly focuses, but also cover some fruitful researches in the filed of gender.for example, ---- a series of rape cases in the enterprise.

3. Li Aiyu | Why Critical Thinking Make Me Clam?

She is a curator of student organation named “Vjoin”.She pays close attention to the Non-government organization in local city. In her NGO’s research, she seeks a lot of creative ways to solve the problem we have met.She is also an exchanged student of the University of California,Breakly for she won the price of W.Tchan fellowships program from the Lingnan Foundation.During the exchanged study in the USA,she made deep investigations in the local place and provided volunteer services to the community.As a rising master student in HongKong University,she say she want to lead a happy and special life which can provides her more chances to contact the grass-root people.

4 . Hou Meixin | Why Do I Write Comments?

Hou Meixin is a freelance writer and commentator. His pen name is Yu Yiwei. He thinks the reason why he could be a commentator is that he accepted science thinking training in college and keeps reading after graduation. What’s more, he has rich life experience of more than thirty years, which develop into the maturity of value. Hou is also an outsider of culture media circle, so his perspective is quite unique.

5. Jia Qian | Why Do I Talk With Strangers?

Jia Qian has strong links with San Mao. She once published "San Mao is not in the Sahara." She likes to travel freely. She has been to over ten countries or regions, such as France, Canary Islands, Barcelona, Germany and Syria. “Talk Mail” two years ago or the interview plan “Exchange Dreams”now shows her curiosity about the stories of strangers and the real life, where she pays much attention except for travel and writing.

6.Gu Qing | Why Do I Confront With The One-dimensional World With Naughty and Nobility?

Gu Qing is a Doctor of Classical Literature, writer, cultural critic, creator and starring of Killers of the Three Kingdoms cosplay. He takes charge of the distinctive column "Beidou Recommendation" of, a Chinese college students humanistic ideas platform, for a long time. Being engaged in literary studies and criticism, he emphasizes that we should understand and inherit all lovely and noble artistic traditions based on fun and temperament. At the same time we should pay attention to the development of traditional arts and academic. He tries to seek the connections of the external and internal of the contemporary culture system in the way of literary criticism.

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Guangzhou City, 510520
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