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Theme: "Reconstruct Yourself"

This event occurred on
May 22, 2013
10:00am - 1:00pm PKT
(UTC +5hrs)

“Re-Construct Yourself”
Bring your dead passions back to life
Many people lead similar lives, but it usually takes a life-changing event to give each person’s story a unique twist. The theme that TEDxIIUI is focusing on is ‘Reconstruct yourself’. The idea is to share the stories that help people believe in themselves. Stories that are not only inspiring but heartbreaking, acting as ray of light in pitch black tunnel for others.

Allama Iqbal Auditorium
Faisal Mosque
International Islamic University E-7
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University (What is this?)
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Aqeel Solangi

Aqeel Solangi is an artist, blessed with a gift of recreating imagination and nature into his paintings. Having spent six years in one of the best Arts College in Pakistan; NCA, as a graduate and post graduate student, Solangi is still associated to NCA, Rawalpindi as an Assistant Professor in Department of Fine Arts. He has not only participated in numerous national and international exhibitions, but also has been awarded with NCA Charles Wallace Pakistan trust Art bursary for the Prince’s School of traditional arts London in 2005 and by Pakistan National Council of Arts with ‘Youth talent Award’ in 2006. Hailing from an agrarian background, Solangi retains native’s affection for the land. His paintings denote a continual dialogue with nature. By selecting nature’s specific features, he creates his own order. Other than this, Solangi gives considerable attention to the technicalities of his craft. One can clearly indentify the deliberate juxtaposition of hyper realistic executions and simplistic display of his paintings and drawings. Solangi currently also teaches at ‘Solangi Studios Rawalpindi’.

Mariam Arandia

Mariam Arandia is Philippine National but a Pakistani resident since 20 years. She possesses diverse educational background; BS in Civil Engineering, BS in Commerce and Master in Linguistic and literature Studies. Her work profile includes; Marketing Associate, Engineering, and Administrative jobs in multiple European and Middle East countries. Besides this, Maryam is Educationalist, Freelancer, Trainer of IELTS, GMAT, SAT, GRE, GAT and BULATS. Currently, Mariam is engaged as a Lecturer of Communication Skill Program at KuchKhaas; Centre of Art, Culture and Dialogue, and at the same time, she is a facilitator at Book Club of KuchKhaas.

Jawad Nazir

Born and raised in the warm land of spirituality, fed with spoon of ethics and dressed up with patriotism, Jawad Nazir is a Saudi born Pakistani; self taught idealist and an enthusiastic young individual, who is constantly endeavoring to leave a positive impact on society. He is humorous yet ambitious being, driven by passion of his work; Jawad is Journalism and Political Science graduate and is still a student of business studies in Foundation University Islamabad. He is CEO/Founder of Pakistani Treats, Founder/President of Jawad Nazir trust. He is Educationalist, Entrepreneur, Speaker and Ideas generator. He believes that every journey starts with single and simple step.

Muhammad Sabir

Slum dog but a Millionaire in ideas! Muhammad Sabir is a gypsy boy, born and raised in a slum community of Lahore. His story is quite inspirational for everyone, telling how a dreamer became an achiever, depicting the true sense of reconstruction of self. Since his early life he had to face an extensive social class difference and was mistreated by society. First few years of his life he picked up garbage from the streets, washed cars and sold news papers at different traffic signals of the city. With all these efforts he got succeeded in educating himself and his siblings, though he still lives in the slum area, however has earned respect and status in society of status quo. Sabir is currently managing Election desk at Human Rights Commission of Pakistan. He got selected as a fellow by Atlantic council for Empowering Youth Leadership Program of Pakistan by US. His interest includes Community Service, English Literature, Writing, Social Media Activism, Volunteering and Travelling. Sabir’s story is being published in Express Tribune and U.S. Embassy Pakistan’s FB page and on several other platforms.

Ali Hameed

A young 26 years of age, M. Phil student of ‘Peace and Conflict Studies’ at National defense University, Mr. Hameed is CEO of ‘The Sha’oor Society of Pakistan’. Sha’oor Society is a group of motivated youth; Students, young professionals committed to bring social, moral, political and academic awareness in Pakistan. Few of his remarkable national and international projects include; Sponsor a Child Program, Pehchan Pakistan; Photography Competition, Adopt a School Program, Pakistan Youth Leadership Conference and Young Leaders Conference. His distinctions include a gold medal in ‘Youth Leadership, Social Mobilization and Activism’ of Pakistan. In Dec, 2012, he became the only Pakistani to contest election for Minister of Education among 34 countries to win British Common Wealth Youth Parliament.

Khekishan Khawaja

Kehkishan Khawaja is a motivated teacher, trainer as well as curriculum designer with international teaching experience of over 15 years. She is a mother of three kids. Despite all these responsibilities, she is an idea addict, always had a passion for exploring new ideas and educational methodologies. After all these years of constant effort, she believes more strongly than ever on the fact that Good education is the only avenue for the development of youth; fit to become productive members in a world that is rapidly becoming a global village. She is currently doing research on brain-based learning and how the awareness about latest advancement of technology can have a positive effect on the education system in Pakistan. She endeavors to spread the idea of ‘Brain Based Teaching’. The use of powerful strategies based in the principles of neuroscience. She thinks that Sound education for future generations should be the number one priority for any nation especially third world like Pakistan. Brain-based education can open a window of opportunity for the youth of Pakistan.

Dr. Musstanser Tinauli

Dr. Musstanser Tinauli is the founder of DJED Limited.He has been working on several innovative projects to create sustainable, smarter and safer communities since 2009. Dr. Tinauli’s research interests and expertise include ‘sustainable system service and design’, interaction design, Co-creation and behavioral change. He has conducted several social innovation camps/workshops in Asia and Europe focusing on sustainability, service design, co-creation and co-existence. He is currently working a project to connect labor workers with technology literate people on social media and smart-phones. He is a good public speaker and excellent in conducting workshops. He believes in changing the world bottom up through better education and co-creation. He has been recipient of multiple prestigious fellowships including; IBM PhD fellowship and Progetto Rocca Fellowship at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, USA. As a young researcher Dr. Tinauli was interviewed in one of the European Television programs titled, The Obama of the Future. An exemplary highlight of his current career would be “Trash Track” project that he led at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, USA. The project stands out to be one of the most influential projects at MIT during the year 2009. The project also won the NSF visualization challenge. He formed and led a team of about 20 people including researchers, scientists, engineers, designers, artists and computer science professionals. Dr. Tinauli has worked across the globe including Europe, America, Asia and Middle East. His works have been exhibited in exhibitions and museums such as London Museum, Seattle Public Library, and Architectural League of New York. One of his interviews with Discovery channel can be seen at: http://news.discovery.com/videos/tech-where-does-our-garbage-go.html).

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