x = independently organized TED event

Theme: Next Generation: Ideas that Inspire

This event occurred on
June 9, 2013
11:00am - 5:00pm EDT
(UTC -4hrs)
New York City, New York
United States

An independently organized TED event, TEDxStuyvesantHS hopes to highlight and inspire this generation to acknowledge their fullest potential and to use it to better their society. Through discussions ranging from linguistics to technology and various TEDtalks, TEDxStuyvesantHS engages its audience and opens their eyes to their power and their ability to change the world. They are the new generation of activists, writers, scientists, artists, and so much more. By opening the door to endless possibilities and spreading new, interesting ideas, TEDxStuyvesantHS encourages and promotes originality, innovation, creativity, and determination.

Hunger for inspiration is rarely, if ever, satiable. At TEDxStuyvesantHS, we hope to feed this desire. Like Beatrice Portinari to Dante Alighieri, TEDxStuyvesantHS speakers are the muses to the audience. Their talks will evoke emotions and motivation, engraving in the audience a memorable experience. The future is open to speculation, encompassing endless possibilities; and at TEDxStuyvesantHS, we hope to kick start this development by inspiring our youth – the next generation.

Stuyvesant High School
345 Chambers Street
New York City, New York, 10282
United States
Event type:
Youth (What is this?)
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Organizing team


New York City, NY, United States


  • Andrew Fischer
    Business Manager/Technology Director
  • Saprina Truong
    Logistics/Volunteer Management
  • Risham Dhillon
    Sponsorship/Public Relations
  • Aniqa Shah
  • Edward Li
  • Amy Wang
  • Tanzib Razzaki
  • Shahruz Ghaemi
    Speaker Coaching/Production
  • Adam DeHovitz
    Speaker Coaching/Production
  • Sanam Bhatia
    Speaker Coaching/Production
  • Deanna Taylor
    Business Manager
  • Laureen Chan
    Logistics/Volunteer Management
  • Miranda Chaiken
    Speaker Coaching/Production