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Theme: Stimulus

This event occurred on
April 3, 2013
10:00am - 6:00pm UTC
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when you touch a hot cup of water, it's natural to move your hand away
when you see a punch coming at your face, it's natural to duck
when you step on a nail, it's natural to say " ouuuuuch "
And when you see a cute baby, it's natural to say " woooooow "

the hot cup, the punch, the nail and the baby are called " stimulus ", they caused you to take an action by sending a message to your brain when you were touched by them
by them

Now, If we took a deep look around us, if we tried to analyze people's actions and reactions, we would find out that each and every action any person take is taken because he was touched by a certain " stimulus "

some actions are very normal and suitable if you compared them to their causing " stimulus " ,some other actions are very small while some other actions are just very huge and great that you start wondering how big was that " stimulus " that caused those great actions

i mean when lincoln decided to change history forever what was his " stimulus " ?
when magdy yacoub decided to take medicine as a career and change this profession forever what was his " stimulus " ?
when anyone decides to sacrifice his life, the most precious thing he has got in this life to make a better tomorrow for others what is his " stimulus " ?

Are you intending to do great things that change the world like those people ?
have you been touched with your own " stimulus " or you haven't yet ?

if you haven't yet start searching really hard for it and on the other hand we in TEDx Kafrelsheikh are doing our best to make our next event " stimulus " the guiding hand that will help anyone to find his own " stimulus " so he makes a real change and leave a mark in this world

Kafr el-sheikh University
El-Geish Street. 33516 Kafrelsheikh, Kafr el-sheikh University Area Kafr El-Sheikh, 33516 Egypt
KafrElsheikh, 33512
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Kafr El Sheikh, Egypt
  • Mohamed Abd ElDayem