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Theme: Dwayer

This event occurred on
February 27, 2013
12:00am - 12:00am EET
(UTC +2hrs)

There is only one copy from everyone in the world, Copy has not and will not be repeated. From this point comes the importance of every one .
In TEDX we believe that every person has it’s role in society and can change the world for the better. But is not a requirement to be your turn this individually, and it is not necessary to make success is to be a successful solo. And when you want to do something useful for the people is not a
requirement to invent something new or start it from scratch. it's possible to be part of large circle there are many others inside it, and your role in this circle which participate in its success, and
therefore you has been succeeded, and from here comes the name of the event ( Dwayer ). because every one of us has many circles in his life, circle of friends , circle of business, circle of your state, circle of your country, and many other circles, some of them we enter inside it and other out of it. Some circle we affect on it, and other affect on us, and the people in the circle are the points which make it. The success of every circle is related with the success of people who are in it, and the extent of their cooperation with each other, but what about your effective on the circle which you belong it? it is possible to be in the center of the circle, which is controlled by, or may be a reach tool from the center to the other point .or may be link between two point but you must pass over the center of the circle. Or may be free Tendon collect between more over points without restriction. Or maybe to be in the circle with many forms.”You" who will identifies your role, If you will be the center of circle or Tendon or half Diameter or Diameter or point or crossing.

It is not important your frame inside the circle, the Important is your influence on the circle, did you imagine before that to get out of the circle and see the world around you, Or would be enough for you only pass on the circles you watching it from the outside without storming, the small circle which you belong it there are many circle beside it, and all these circles are inside the mother circle .Have you ever been thought that you are may be the link between more than a circle and without you "you" was not possible to converge these circuits. the Small circle that "you" inside if I grew up and become positive, this finally will be in the best interest of the big circle which all of you inside it This means that you do your part in your circle..." maybe makes changes in the world for the better”. usually we think from inside to outside Let's think the contrary, to not start thinking about ourselves first, and make out target is improve the largest circle contain us, but it will not get better unless
successfully circuits that inside it, and these circle which made by us. From this point our role starts.

Kafr el-sheikh University
El-Geish Street. 33516 Kafrelsheikh, Kafr el-sheikh University Area Kafr El-Sheikh, 33516 Egypt
KafrElsheikh, 33512
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Kafr El Sheikh, Egypt

Abdel Dayem

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Mohamed Alaa Moghazy
    Talk & Speakers Trainer