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Theme: Real Interest!

This event occurred on
February 23, 2013

How to value what people do for each other when the financial system is no longer the stronghold it has always been during the industrial age? Could it be that enabling social connectivity on a new level has liberated a stream of new energy below the business as usual attitude of the powers that be? How do we guide this possible transition along paths avoiding lemming behavior? Can science and technology help us to chart our future in this new and undiscovered country? Is time on our side or do climate change, finite resources and global warming put ever more pressure on the choices we will be making in the coming years?

All of this should be of real interest to us all. Whether this interest will have a positive yield guiding us along glorious new paths of cooperation and technological development or a negative one leading us along dangerous avenues to chaos and anarchy is the question of this TEDxUHowest Salon. Local and international speakers with lots of expertise on these subjects will present their perspectives on what is of real interest for them and for humanity as they see it. Complementary monetary systems, the history of money, transitional scenarios in a changing financial landscape, the financial and debt crisis of banks and countries and the importance of community will all be topics introduced on this TEDxUHowest Salon.

After the talks the speakers will join the public in a round table about the subjects talked about and will engage in discussions on what they see as hopeful developments in Technology, Entertainment and Design towards a better future.

Kapucijnenstraat 10
Kortrijk, 8500
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