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Theme: A Journey To Tell

This event occurred on
February 27, 2013
5:00pm - 8:00pm EET
(UTC +2hrs)
Ankara, Ankara

We encounter people with a journey everyday. People all around us, whether heard of or not, have a journey, which makes up their identity and reveals it at the same time. Our experiences are said to be the main influences that shape who we are. Some people use their journey to find their identity, while others enjoy their journey as a part of their identity and nevertheless leads to a story that should be cherished. A journey to tell can be anything from a success story to a failure yet every journey in a person's life leaves some remark and has its own distinctive uniqueness that can inspire many others. As the organizers of a youth event, we want to establish an atmosphere where the audience can find their own identity through exposure to journeys of people who have significantly positive effects on our community. Using this theme, we hope to form an atmosphere where everyone, ranging from students to adults, can exploit their own unique journey and be inspired to think about the ways they can make a difference in the world. “A journey to tell” not only absorbs personal journeys, but journeys significant for the humankind.

Bilkent is a place where the community shares the joy of innovation whether it’s through academics or through social life. İhsan Doğramacı, took his own journey by establishing Bilkent, and thus created a home for millions of minds to be inspired from. His very own journey began in 1984, and is still being perpetuated by young minds that try to spread core values of advancement, innovation, and education. The youth wants to have a journey to tell, thus by creating a platform full of notable life stories, TEDxBLIS tries to absorb this principle and wish to inspire the youth into writing their own extraordinary journey.

Bilkent Laboratory & International School
Bilkent University East Campus
Ankara, Ankara, 06800
Event type:
Youth (What is this?)
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Organizing team


Ankara, Turkey


Ankara , Turkey
  • Elif Haydar
  • Beril Kuruçayırlı
    Public Relations Manager
  • Melisa Türkay
    Logistics and Stage Manager
  • İdil Azizoğlu
    Financial Manager
  • Başak Akman
    Deputy Organizer
  • Murat Armağan
    Deputy Organizer
  • Deniz Hallik
    Assistant to Public Relations Manager
  • Levent Akay
    Deputy Organizer
  • Oğulcan Yıldız
    Deputy Organizer