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Theme: The World in My Pocket

This event occurred on
October 24, 2012
7:00pm - 9:00pm CEST
(UTC +2hrs)

What effects do mobile technologies have on our society? How will our daily lives unfold ten years from now and what will the future of the working world look like?

Our society is entering a new technological era that is accompanied by challenges that communications-technologies are meeting with intelligent solutions. Web 3.0 is fast approaching and with it are consumer trust issues. What happens to and who has access to personal data? Scepticism always arises with something that exists only virtually. Something as indistinct and abstract, for example, as cloud computing, raises concerns and questions amongst the individual and enterprise customers.

TEDxBerlin Salon “The World in My Pocket: Data, Privacy and Trust - The Digital Challenge“ will identify how our current trust barriers are realigning in light of a new technological era that is calling for a deeper level of trust. With each individual having instant access from any device from almost anywhere, a group of international experts and pioneers will evoke deep discussion in an intimate setting. The advancement of mobile technologies, the accompanying dilemmas and how these intertwine with society, individual lives and the working world will be explored.

Soho House Berlin
Torstraße 1
Berlin, 10119
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Simon Redfern

Simon Redfern is the CEO of TESOBE, a Berlin based agency that designs and builds web and mobile apps using Python, Scala and Node. He started working on data driven web applications in 1996 and has worked on media, location based and social platforms. He and founded the Open Bank Project in 2008, and recently returned from Cameroon where TESOBE is co-leading a project called Feowl to gather ongoing data about power cuts in Douala. Simon is also a composer/ musician who enjoys collaborations with artists and choreographers.

Conner McEwen

Connor McEwen is 20-year old entrepreneur and co-founder of Credport. Connor has studied both the legal and technical aspects of privacy, and is currently exploring the applications of personal data through Credport.. Credport is reimagining the way people use their data to build trust with their peers with the specific focus on marketplaces. He is currently on leave from Boston University where he was studying Electrical Engineering.

Astrid North

In July 2012, Astrid North published her long awaited solo debut "North". The result is an album full of organic strength and energy. When North accompanies herself on the piano the performance is as equally touching, revealing the true essence of the songs. Sometimes rough, sometimes intimate, sometimes gentle and always fascinating. In the mid-nineties, Astrid North was the voice of the band “Cultured Pearls”. She toured with Gabriel Gordon, collaborated with Randy Crawford, Thorsten and Kai Wingenfelder and Joo Kraus amongst many others. She is, without question, one of the finest voices in the country.

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