x = independently organized TED event

This event occurred on
October 13, 2012
1:00pm - 6:00pm CST
(UTC +8hrs)

The first TEDxTheBund event is themed “city2.0”. With all the other 70 TEDx communities in the world on Oct 13th to share the fantastic ideas and action about positive changes from our live space, our dreamed city.

The TEDxTheBund event will connect innovators, professionals, companies,
organizations, citizens and the youth to share the inspired ideas and stories for
building a better Shanghai.

We ask ourselves, what work are we doing now that will impact Shanghai, and
China as a whole, for the better. We ask ourselves, what else can we do to build a
better living space, and enable people to enjoy and love this city. We believe that if
everybody cares, together we can make the city 2.0 real!

Associate Mission Building
No. 169, Yuan Ming Yuan Road
Event type:
TEDxCity2.0 (What is this?)
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姚欣宇(Thomas) Yao

Core organizer of Linux users group in Shanghai, Founder and team leader of GitCafe. Expertise on open data and open source. 上海Linux用户组的负责人之一,也 是项目托管平台GitCafe的创始人。 他对开源领域也有着独到的见解和 实践。坚持独立思考,敢于与众不 同,使得有着与众不同成长经历的 他正在用自己的方式影响着社会。

Peggy Liu

Chairperson and co-founder of JUCCCE. An internationally recognized expert on China's energy landscape. The Hillary Step for Climate Change Solutions in 2012. 聚思主席及共同创始人,全球知名 中国能源分布专家。她在各个领域 拥有丰富的非盈利管理相关经验, 也对改善世界环境充满热情。

Bert de Muynck

Bert de Muynck is an architect, writer and co-director of MovingCities. Since September 2011, Bert de Muynck holds the position of ‘assistant professor’ at the The University of Hong Kong – Faculty of Architecture, and that in the HKU Shanghai Study Center. 建筑师、作家,MovingCities的总监和创始人之一。在超过15个国家发表过文章,涵盖30多家杂志。MovingCities曾在中国,以色列,澳门,瑞典以及印度尼西亚等地进行了研究并举办讲座

徐建荣 (Jianrong) Xu

Amateur photographers. The photographic works of Xu Xixian and his son are a unique documentation of Shanghai's changing face over the past three decades and of its stunning pace of modernization. 徐喜先、徐建荣父子都是业余摄影 师,他们以普通市民的视角,对上海 进行拍摄,记录了上海30多年来的 巨变。不同的时间,相同的地点,父 与子、传统相机与数码相机、黑白 和彩色,巨大的反差也反映着时代 的变化.

Pascal Hartmann

German socialogist. Experienced strategy executive and theorie designer. Director of the R & D Department at logon. With an eye to the future, his work embraces the architectural heritage of the city in a sustainable fashion. 社会学家,现任罗昂(Logon)建筑事 务所研究与发展部的首席战略官。 他在城市规划与建筑怎样能更满足 普通市民本质的生活需求等领域有 深入研究。

程存旺(Cunwang) Cheng

PhD student at Renmin University's School of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development. Founder of Changzhou Organic Farm. Expertise on Community-Support Agriculture. 中国人民大学可持续发展高等研究 院博士研究生,常州田园正果生态 农业有限公司董事长, 常州大水牛 市民农园园长。致力于社区支持农 业(CSA)的研究与实践。

殷漪 (Yi) Yin

A Shanghai based composer, sound artist and phonographer. Founder of BM Space. As a sound artist, Yin Yi focuses on the sound from city and daily life and researches by his location recording project “City Sound Travel”. 作曲家、声音艺术家、声音记录者。 BM 艺术机构创建人。作为声音艺 术家,殷漪关注来自城市和日常生 活的声音,并通过其《城市声音旅 行》计划,进行相关的研究。

苏运升(Yunsheng) Su

Assistant Chief Engineer, Shanghai Tongji UrbanPlanning & Design Institute. Innovation Director, ETOPIA Building Development Co.,Ltd. Co-founder of Urban China Magazine. 上海同济城市规划设计研究院城市 发展研究中心主创规划师,《城市 中国》杂志合伙创始人及国际版主 编,上海易托邦城市建设发展有限 公司创新总监。

Neville Mars

Dutch architect , head of the Dynamic City Foundation (DCF). Mars follows Evolutionary Planning that allows a unique integrated response to China's fast development. 荷兰建筑师, 动态城市基金会(DCF) 组建人,高速城市的发展的研究者, 正致力于利用一个全新的进化设计 方法,以帮助中国的城市应对快速 和具有挑战性的发展环境。

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Shanghai, China