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Theme: DOT: Diversity Of Thought التنوع في الأفكار

This event occurred on
May 4, 2013
12:00am - 5:00pm +04
(UTC +4hrs)
United Arab Emirates

Reflecting on the first TEDxYouthJumeirah event; it stirred up many positive actions and challenged the team to step up and create an astounding platform for innovation. The event was highly welcomed by the public and produced a positive hype. Our main goal is taking a leading role in this revolution of inspiration occurring within this generation towards the betterment of the self and society.
The proposed theme for this TEDx event is “Diversity of Thought”. It is centered around coming together with different ideas. The theme will serve as a declaration of a new beginning which would create a link between the different minds, brings them together, and nurture a conversation of origination. Not everyone in the world is the same and we need different people from different backgrounds to bring new ideas to the table, we need diversity to keep things interesting. It is important to accept those differences and have them connected together in one place because this how innovation is created, otherwise we will be stuck in one pattern of thinking. With a united goal of positive change and diversity, joining hands will achieve something bigger and better.

Diversity is important because it promotes unity within a community. People being diverse means there will be a great deal of unique generation of ideas. and use of skills and talents to help maintain a goal. With diversity we learn not everything and every thought is alike, and therefore we need to respect each other as individuals. The speakers will come with different thoughts and ideas to prove something good can be created from their diverse and distinctive thoughts.

The more young Emiratis at the event, the more active and initiative driven minds would spread around the country to become its guardians, while maintaining the core traditions and teachings of our fathers and leaders. We drive perseverance, innovation, and hard work. This drive for “Diversity of Thought” will be the new beginning.

United Arab Emirates
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Youth (What is this?)
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Organizing team

Al Bigishi

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Al Nuaimi

Ajman, United Arab Emirates
  • Hamda Al Aslai
    Co-organizer/ Head of Sponsorship team
  • Maitha Al Aryani
    Co-organizer/ Head of Media relation team