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Theme: Dream.Believe.Achieve.

This event occurred on
February 25, 2013
8:30pm - 8:30pm +04
(UTC +4hrs)
United Arab Emirates

A group of ambitious students from different colleges decided to bring TEDx to University Of Sharjah; to inspire the students and tell them that university is far beyond ‘books and lectures’. With combined efforts, their request was taken in consideration and the license to host the event is under process. ‘Dream.Believe.Achieve’ is the theme that will help the students to break the barriers that had always stopped them from believing that they can achieve their dreams.
Inspiring and motivating the students will be done through speakers with different backgrounds and skills. Those speakers include students from UOS to prove that age and capabilities will not stand as a hassle in front of dreams. On the other hand, nonstudent speakers will share their achievements that were the results of their hard work and believing in themselves. The different combination of speakers will be the first step in the students’ lives that will give them the potential to “Dream.Believe.Achieve”

Street 120, University City Road, University of Sharjah
United Arab Emirates
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University (What is this?)
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Hiba Fayez

A Palestinian 5th year medical student at the University of Sharjah and a winner of Sharjah Award of Excellence . She is Passionate about Psychiatry and environmental sciences and aims to make a positive impact in people's life through awareness about the psychological challenges, internal health and improving education so she has participated and presented in a number of global and Arabic conferences and programs like ; the Global Environmental Youth Convention \ Dubai , Young Masters Program \ Sweden , which aims to give the students a thorough understanding of sustainability issues and preventive environmental strategies , Lounge of Young Masters\ Egypt , A Lesson To Remember Program \ Sharjah , self development and inspiring talks , and laws of success program\ Sharjah in addition to leading Pioneers Medical Association and some local activities . She strongly believes on the importance of a comprehensive education which goes beyond the theoretical and applicable sciences to self development themes that helps on building youth and improving their life

Danya Bashir

Danya Bashir Hobba is a Libyan student at University of Sharjah studying Business Administration , author and social activist. She is a two-time winner of the UAE Young Entrepreneurship Competition. Danya is also frequently interviewed by international media outlets for her role as a young, Libyan social activist. During the revolution, Danya organized aid shipments for medical treatment and basic needs in Libya. She strives to ensure that the media is aware of the various developments and works with Libyan youth in preparing for the transition and future of Libya. Danya recently attended and spoke at the Yahoo Change Your World Conference, in Cairo, on the panel for revolutionary women where she discussed the role of social media to ensure women's rights in the new Libya, as well as the United Nations, General Assembly on Fostering Cross-Cultural Understanding for Building Peaceful and Inclusive Societies. She was also featured in ‘20 Empowering Women to be followed on Twitter,’ by Community of Women’s Entrepreneurs, and named by CNN, as an Agent of Change. Danya firmly believes in and supports education and entrepreneurship for the betterment of society. Twitter: @ceoDanya

Ahmed Tariq

A few years ago, he has gone through a transformation, where he began working to achieve physical fitness which, in turn, inspired him to help others. Now, he is the cofounder and the coordinator of a group, known as the Tekha Group, a group which aims to helping students become physically fit through motivation, inspiration, and physical activity.

Dina Al-Ashkar

ho am I? I am Dina Al-Ashkar a 19 year old student studying dentistry, repeating foundation year. Which may be unfortunate, for now. Perhaps years from today, I'll be a Dentist and people will be calling me Doctor Dina, or I'll be an international bestselling author, maybe even a fitness trainer, or a professional horseback rider. Perchance ill get to be able to achieve all of these things. For now I am going through life's obstacles, and adversities to get to where I want. Not giving up no matter what is the trick and that is exactly what I plan to do, I will not give up until I get where I want.

Hatem Al Khafaji

As the number of the human population is in rapid inclination, the necessity to find another planet to immigrate and live on is an eventual transition in the human race to survive, therefore inhabiting space and other planets is an optimum solution. As the advancements in various fields on earth will be saturated, the idea of living on the moon became more implementable, hence the idea of designing cities for humans to live became essential. After intense studies of the nature of the lunar environment, the need to design houses and cities required new set of measurements, hence a new data-book has to be published. The book that i have written would be the key for any future architects and designers to create new buildings based on the measurements and data provided by my book in order to achieve a sustainable life on the moon for everyone.

Yamna Rahim

All of us have dreams and desires, we all have things we want in life and from life. What is it though that separates the dreamers from the achievers? There is a little phenomena called the placebo effect, people from the medical and science background probably know what I am talking about. When we carry out scientific research, to test and evaluate the effectiveness of a medicine, we divide patients into two groups, the control group that receives the placebo, which is exactly like the real medicine, except that it’s missing the active ingredient; and then there is the other group who receives the actual medicine. Sometimes just because a patient is convinced they’re getting the treatment they start recovering, no one knows how or what happens and that’s what we call the placebo effect. Now what if we take this phenomena and apply it in our life, what if we convince ourselves that there is no possibility of failure, that our aims and plans are full proof and no matter how things go in life we will eventually achieve what we dream of. To get to some place in life, we need set realistic yet huge goals. ‘In 5 years I’ll have a house on Pluto’, let’s face it, it’s you being delusional. Don’t limit your dreams but be realistic about them. Once you know what you want, make a game plan, everything needs planning, from running schools to universities to huge countries. Once you have a plan, there’s where the placebo effect kicks in, you should have unwavering faith in what you want and work towards it, and whatever bad happens consider it as the side effect of life but you should never stop trying to get to where you want, because once you lose faith and stop striving, that’s where you stop growing as a human being.

Aeisha Ahmed

There are over a billion people in the world. Out of these, around 2% to 5% are ‘Living the Dream’. Why is that? Why is it that the majority of the people have to give up on their “dream” to do something rational when there are people who achieve the same dream and get the opportunity to live it? What is it that separates the 95% from the2%? Motivation, Passion and commitment. These are what I call the key elements of ‘Dream believe and achieve’. In order to achieve our dreams, it is vital to have an integrated balance of these 3 elements. What if we were to take out one of the elements? Motivation + Passion = the person has the motivation and passion, but lacks the commitment, so therefore has the “dream” and “belief” but won’t get to the ‘achieve’. [Personal experience will be included here] Passion + Commitment = the person can achieve the dream as they have the passion (belief) and commitment (achieve), but without motivation, action is not implemented and therefore the dream is lost. Motivation + Commitment = the person comprises the factors to achieve what they want, but they have no passion. Without passion, it’s no longer a dream but rather, a task. Like getting good grades and passing the exams. So in order to achieve our dreams, we need to identify where we lack in terms of motivation, passion and commitment, because once we identify and fix that, we are unstoppable.

Organizing team


Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Noon El Amin
  • Alaa Badr
  • Mohammad A. Hakam
  • Maged Tag
  • Ahmad Salhin
  • Aya Awni