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Theme: How I changed the world. Year 2020.

This event occurred on
September 15, 2012
5:00pm - 8:00pm MSK
(UTC +4hrs)
Moscow, Moskva

Regardless of what name is given to any particular youth conference, they always have one goal - to discover those, now in their twenties, who will blow us off the face of the earth.

Most often the conversations revolve around early achievements, the first steps and prospects. Conversations about the future usually involve expectations and timid assumptions. What lies ahead is hidden in the mist. Our task is to make this journey through the fog.

The conference’s theme - "How I Changed the World. 2020" - tries to bring its members several years into the future, having them speak boldly about their own plans, as if they had already become reality. This is a bold experiment, working on eliminating the uncertainty in conversations about the future.

The conference participants are not only brilliant young people who have achieved significant results in their fields, but also professionals, setting ambitious goals, backed up by a responsible and a very specific vision of the future. Optical computers and pension reform, mathematical modeling of blood and new urbanism, robotics and emotion recognition technology - which of these will appear in the future, and change our world beyond recognition by 2020.

We find it very interesting to listen to people who really are going to change the world.

Politecnical Museum
Novaya Ploshchad', 3
Moscow, Moskva
Event type:
Youth (What is this?)
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Organizing team


Moscow, Russian Federation
  • Maria Privalova
    Speakers Curator
  • Peter Mansilla-Cruz
    Speakers Curator
  • Nikolay Yakovenko
    PR Manager
  • Daria Avdulova
    Event Manager
  • Eugenia Russkih
    Event Manager
  • Marina Danshina
    IT Manager