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This event occurred on
June 16, 2012
2:30pm - 7:00pm AST
(UTC -4hrs)

Dream Big and Get Inspired!

With the world developing at a rapid pace and countries uniting to offer their young and talented citizens the best future possible; islands are still an untapped resource for creativity, innovation, arts, science, social activism and entrepreneurship.

Secluded in the past, these fruitful grounds isolated by oceans are finally building limitless bridges and reaching out across borders. Leading the way in this change and new direction are the youngest citizens of these ‘sun-kissed’ destinations.

The island of Curacao is one of these destinations and also the home base for TEDxCuracao. Being an island that recognizes its potential and opportunity for change and growth, TEDxYouth@Curacao is born, effortlessly. This new platform offers the islands young potentials a way to reach out and include their community in their future vision for their island and the world beyond its borders.

Tired of waiting for roads to be paved these teens are grateful for the beaten path yet are deciding to choose to create new creative ways, and they are making sure their communities are not left behind.

At the first edition a selected group of teens will get the chance to trigger change within their community, as well as promote their own creative ideas for innovation in different areas.
On Saturday, june 16, 2012, from 14:30 - 19:00pm ,TEDxYouth@Curacao will host the first TEDxYouth@Curacao event focused on teens and their power to change the world.

Hotel Kura Hulanda Tula Room
Langestraat 8 Otrabanda
Event type:
Youth (What is this?)
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Rholdyne Lake

Rholdyne is a third grade student at the St.Maarten Academy. She describes herself as a young, trustworthy, flexible and responsible young lady. Her greatest achievement until now is winning the first prize in a business competition. In her business plan she explains how to create electricity from waste. She's also very proud of being a PADI certified diver. In the future, she would like to become an accountant and also have her own business.

Laurali Peterson

Lauralie is working hard to become a very well known photographer in Europe and America. She describes herself as a vibrant, funny, creative and open minded person. Her greatest achievement so far is delivering outstanding photos that bring a lot of joy to others. "With TEDxYouth my voice is going to be heard. I believe that we should support this organization so we can share our opinions with so many open-minded people around the world."

Derek Bongaertz

In the future Derek would like to become a professional sailor. He participated in several sailing competitions, for example the International Sailing Regatta in Puerto Rico and the Curaçao Easter Regatta. Derek owns his own sailboat and likes to spend a lot of time sailing on the waters of Curaçao. "Because of TEDxYouth, the teenagers of Curacao can show their talent to the world."

Camiel Voigt

Camiel describes himself as a shy person, with a driven personality, who loves sports and remixing songs. Until now, his greatest achievements are being a mountain bike rider and an optimist sailor. In school he does his best to achieve good results. "TEDxYouth means the same to me as sailing does: it's a way to grow as a person and to develop my social skills. I am happy that I am one of the few to participate in such a prestigious event."

Kristie van der Woude

Kristie is a very determined person; if she wants something she goes for it and get it done. She has the opportunity to travel a lot to compete at international sailing championships. She loves to meet people and learn about new cultures. Even though sailing is her passion, she would like to study economy and business law in a foreign country, preferably in the Netherlands. Her greatest achievement until now is winning several prices in sailing and mountain biking competitions. "We have to promote Curacao abroad and let the teenagers of the island show their interests to the world."

Kevin Van Otterdijk

Kevin describes himself as a responsible person who wants to become a leader. He's always willing to help others. His goal is to participate and to represent his island Curaçao at the 2016 Olympics in sailing. His biggest achievement until now was to become second finalist at the Sunfish Youth World championship. "We have to support TEDxYouth to show that such a small island like Curaçao has a lot of talented people.”

Tijn van der Gulik

Tijn is a sportive person and has a big passion for sailing. He would like to become a professional sailer. His greatest achievement until now is winning his first international competition. “TEDXYouth is an educational experience where you can share your ideas with others.”

Beyonce Trinidad

Beyonce loves to sing, dance and doing sports. When she finishes school in Curaçao, she would like to work in the financial sector or study in the USA to become a veterinarian or a professional singer. Her biggest achievements until now are being successful at school and being part of the Blitz and Moment of Praise choir little voices. "With TEDxYouth we can make effective presentations and grab the attention of the public. This event brings people together so we can share positive experiences."

Timothy Goilo

Timothy is a very creative guy. He has a lot of hobbies, like painting, tinkering, dancing and singing. He's also fascinated with music. In the future, he would like to become a famous singer, just like his idol Micheal Jackson. His first payment was 5 tickets to the Movies for performing like Micheal Jackson. His greatest achievements until now are doing well at school and being part of BLITZ. "With TEDXYouth we can promote BLITZ even more and have more fans around the world."

Tishona Rifaela

Tishona loves to swim and dance. She describes herself as a reserved person, but if she feels comfortable, she becomes very sociable. After finishing school, her dream is to become an educator and to contribute to the education of Curaçao. Her biggest achievement until now is doing well at school. "TEDXYouth means a lot to me. First of all I would like to thank Uncle Ruckly and Aunt Ella for giving me the opportunity to participate in this event. I'm learning a lot and I'm enjoying every second."

Tiffany Statie

Tiffany's against injustice and she believes that every child has the right to be treated equally. Tiffany loves to dance and has been dancing since her early childhood. She's so excited to be part of BLITZ! She would like to become a lawyer or a pediatrician and in her free time, she would like to develop her hobby, which is sewing and designing clothes.

Tiffany Statie

Tiffany's against injustice and she believes that every child has the right to be treated equally. Tiffany loves to dance and has been dancing since her early childhood. She's so excited to be part of BLITZ! She would like to become a lawyer or a pediatrician and in her free time, she would like to develop her hobby, which is sewing and designing clothes. "We should support this event, because TedXYouth inspires and empowers the youth across the world."

Xechell Jacobs

Xechell describes himself as an energetic teenager, who would like to become a pilot and a professional singer. His biggest achievement until now is being able to combine his studies with his hobbies; singing and dancing. "We have to support TEDXYouth because this is our chance to share our talents and put our island Curacao in the spotlight."

Gideon Rosa

Gideon describes himself as a quiet person, who loves music and playing computer games. He would like to become a pilot. He's very proud of being part of Blitz, where he can develop his musical talents. "With TEDXYouth we can show our own ideas, knowledge and talent. Even as a teenager, you can achieve success in your life."

Donovan Bartley

Donovan alias "Doctor Dice”, started singing at age 15 and continued to develop his singing skills as a hobby. He's known for his hit single "Fayo di un hoben", which he recorded with his group F.4.L. "The fans I have got have been with me through thick and thin. I'm very grateful for the talents I was given and all the opportunities I've had to share with others."

Nilesh Garang

Nilesh Narang is a rapper from Curacao. He's better known as Nicky Geezy. Nilesh enjoys expressing himself artistically, especially with rap music.

Kevin Osepa

Kevin's goal for the future is to stay creative and to have a positive impact on other people's lives. His biggest achievement until now is being chosen to film two episodes of TV series in Peru and Chile. He was also selected to show his artistic work to Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands and other members of the Royal Family. "We have to support TEDxYouth because it motivates the youth. Artists often struggle with feeling underappreciated, but TEDxYouth can change that."

Gheliz Remilia

Gheliz describes herself as a simple, nice, friendly and jolly young lady. She loves to read, sing and dance. For her, school comes first than anything. In the future, she would like to be a judge or a pop star. She will do her best to make her dreams come true, by keep on studying hard and developing her dancing and singing skills. Her biggest achievement so far is winning several song contests and having always a "10" on her school reports. "With TEDxYouth I can have a positive influence on other teens. Thanks to this organization, people will know my story."

Anda Ye Llewellyn

Anda Ye is a strong young lady, who likes to help people. She would like to become a singer and has also a passion for painting. She's very proud and excited to be involved in such a large event. TEDxYouth is a new opportunity for her to show her ideas and get in touch with other teens. "We have to support TEDxYouth, because this event helps teens build a better future."

Rynell Offerman

Rynell is a very happy and open minded person. He's always there to help others. In the future he would like to graduate from university and have his own educational institution. He would also like to become an owner of a center for fitness and health. His greatest achievement until now is being a presenter at different activities. He's doing very well at school. He started from class 1 VSBO, then he went to HAVO and now he's attending VWO. This is a great achievement. "With TEDxYouth I can share my thoughts and ideas and inspire other teens. By being a good role model, you can help others to achieve success."

Terrence Jansen

Terrence describes himself as a committed student. He's also a fun, loving and curious person, who loves to sing, travel and meet new people. His ultimate goal in life is to be happy, healthy, fulfilled and to make a difference in the world. His greatest achievement until now is getting good grades in high school. "With TEDxYouth we can show the adults that we have great ideas too. It's a chance for me to share my ideas with people who are really interested."

KIlee Mercuur

In a bracket competition Kilee won the St.Maarten Youth Award. She also won many speech competitions. She is a real nature lover and that’s why she’s part of the staff of Archaeological center of Sint Maarten. She passionately declares she has a hunger for knowledge and has also a passion for spiritual studies.

Davis van Grieken

Davis describes himself as a funny, smart and athletic young man. He would like to go to Duke University and want to become an attorney. His biggest achievement until now is winning an art award in Miami for a recycling project. “With TEDXYouth people are able to share their ideas and this event helps us how to speak in public. “

Seward Sambo

Seward enjoys writing songs and producing movies. He would like to become a successful businessman, own a production company and a record label and have an organization that helps youth of the LGBTI community. His greatest achievement until now is holding a conference for the LGBTI youth of all Dutch Caribbean islands and it was a huge success. “We should support TEDXYouth because this event gives the teens and young adults the chance to show their talent that normally is taken for granted.”

Yasmine Jonis

Yasmine Jonis was raised by her mom and grandparents and from an early age they’ve taught her to be open minded and passionate about everything she does. She describes herself as an outgoing, perseverant and dedicated person. She loves performing arts, especially dancing. After finishing high school, Yasmine would like to study medicine in Holland. She would like to become a surgeon and work for a non-profit organization. Last year Yasmine was elected Chairman of her school. She also collaborated with the founding of the student council. “TedXYouth is an opportunity to show our peers that we have our own ideas.

Organizing team


Curacao, Netherlands Antilles
  • Stephen Garcia
    Social Media/Marketing/Sponsoring/Event/Management Team Netherlands (Netherlands)
  • David van Delden
    Website Designer/Promotion Materials Designer (Netherlands)
  • Desi Dijkhuizen
    Translator/Writer (Netherlands)
  • Diantha Rodrigues Perreira
    Writer (Netherlands)
  • Ryan Wall
    Social Media: Video Animation (Netherlands)
  • Yannick Ersilia
    Event Team (Curacao)
  • Rhyenne Zimmerman
    Speakers/Flashmob/Mentor (Curacao)
  • Elise Hietbrink
    Sponsoring/Speakers/Social Media/Marketing (Curacao)
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    Speakers: workshops/mentor (Curacao)
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    Speakers (Curacao)
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    Sponsoring (Curacao)
  • Rieven Martis
    Programmer (Netherlands)
  • Roel Calister
    Jingle Producer (Netherlands)
  • Brett Russel
    Photography Poster (Netherlands)
  • Grayson Visceisza
    Webphotos (Curacao)
  • Morgaine Paris
    Mentor (Curacao)
  • Zeynep Sabahoglu
    Mentor (Sint Maarten)
  • Ramonda Hanze
    Mentor (Sint Maarten)
  • Oralie Boirard
    Mentor (Sint Maarten)
  • Ruckly Ettienne
    Mentor (Curacao)
  • Nadeskha Adems
    Mentor (Curacao)