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Theme: Leaves of Grass

This event occurred on
June 14, 2024
Shanghai, Shanghai

A third of the planet that we call home is covered in grass. We stand where grass was, and we gather here today as a community, inspired by its existence. Where grass meets grass, life meets life, entwined in the roots and stems of humanity that bring us together.

Shanghai Hongrun Boyuan School Auditorium
No.178 Kezhiyuan Rd., Qingpu District, Shanghai, China
Shanghai, Shanghai, 201713
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Youth (What is this?)
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Angelina (Shenjun) Li

Angelina is an 8th-grade student at Shanghai Hongrun Boyuan School, a young feminist who is passionate about gender representation in popular culture (e.g. K-POP), East Asian gender culture, and sexual minorities. Angelina is also a female-oriented literature writer and is able to analyze gender-cultural differences through differences in literary orientations. She is not a gifted child, so she is still trying her best to make great strides. I have sensitive and fluctuating emotions, especially when it comes to gender issues, and will argue with the other side.

Bo Xie

Highschool Teacher in Mathematics
Mr. Bo Xie is currently a highschool teacher of mathematics in Shanghai Hongrun Boyuan School. Prior to becoming a teacher, he worked as a trader in the financial markets and a project manager in software development. Throughout his adulthood, though, he has maintained a strong dedication to personal spiritual growth through pursuits like meditation, therapy, and healing sessions. He recently made the career transition to education to hopefully bring a positive influence upon the journey of high school students in their very formative years.

Cailian Yang

Psychological Counselor
With nearly a decade of experience and over 9,000 hours of consultation, Dr. Cailian is a Senior Private Psychological Advisor and one of the first Family Education Lecturers in Yinchuan. Dr. Cailian's extensive experience includes a wealth of psychological counseling cases and years of corporate management. With more than eight years of empirical experience in Vipassana meditation, Dr. Cailian has established a research lab and a counseling room and leads mindfulness workshops. Dr. Cailian adopts a postmodern psychological approach, adeptly integrating Eastern and Western psychological concepts in consultations. Focusing on problem-solving and personal growth, Dr. Cailian flexibly utilizes various counseling techniques to help clients overcome challenges and achieve growth.

Christopher Moses

Highschool Principal
Christopher Moses inspires connections and conversations that facilitate personal and institutional growth across diverse cultures. He is a leader in international education, based for the past eleven years in Shanghai, China. Currently he is the founding Foreign Principal of Shanghai Hongrun Boyuan School. Prior to China, Chris worked in various roles at independent schools in the US, including as Assoc. Director of College advising, and Advanced Studies Program faculty, at St. Paul's School in Concord, NH, and as Dean of Students at Berkeley Carroll, in Brooklyn, NY. Chris pursued graduate studies on Colonial America, Early Modern Britain, and European intellectual history at Princeton University, earning distinction in all fields for his qualifying examinations. As an undergraduate, Chris attended Reed College where he was Student Body President in 2002; after graduating he worked at Reed for two years as Asst. Dean and Coordinator of International Admissions.

Olga (Chenlang) Liang

Olga Liang always gives her friends warm hugs and gazes at everything she loves with the most earnest eyes, reflecting her deep affection and genuine interest in those around her. She has always been a brave person, facing life's challenges head-on with unwavering courage, believing firmly that the fireworks of idealism will never go out. This belief fuels her actions and inspires those who know her. Like a resilient grass, she keeps moving forward in the depths of despair, drawing strength from within to persevere until she finds the direction of light. Her journey through life's struggles has only made her stronger and more determined. Olga's unwavering positivity and relentless pursuit of her ideals are a beacon of hope for many. She always offers others the most sincere affirmation, ensuring that hope continues to exist in this world.

Qianlang (Mingrui) Gu

Mingrui Gu (Qianlang), is a remarkable 10th-grade student at Shanghai Hongrun Boyuan School. Beyond his academic pursuits, he embodies a profound passion for sports, with a particular affinity for football and rowing. It is through these athletic endeavors that he has learned invaluable life lessons, cultivating a strong sense of discipline, resilience, and teamwork. Qianlang's thirst for knowledge and adventure extends far beyond the classroom and playing fields. As an enthusiastic traveler, he has explored numerous Chinese cities, each with its rich history and unique charm. However, one destination holds a special place in Qianlang's heart: Norway. The stunning landscapes, with its majestic fjords and pristine lakes, provided a peaceful escape where he could connect with nature and reflect on his life's journey.

Samuel (Yanbo) Wang

Highschool graduate
My name is Samuel Wang. I recently graduated from SHBS, and was the graduate of highest distinction of class 2024. I enjoy music of all sorts, watching YouTube, and drawing. Right now, after graduation, I’m still figuring out what I could do with these months until college, so I thought it would be interesting to come back to school and talk about my understanding of this subject. I’m looking forward to listening to how the other speakers would expand on the topic, and I’m looking forward to my performance on stage. Right now, my biggest goal is to do my best in this speech and to start preparing for college. I would also like to start drawing again. Eleven and twelfth grade took most of my free time, and I’m getting a little bit rusty. As always, there is so much to do and so little time on our hands. Hopefully I could make the most of it in these few months before college.

Zihan Xu

Musical actress and singer
Ms. Zihan Xu is currently a musical actress and singer in China. Prior to becoming an artist, her major was Chemistry and MSE (Material Science and Engineering). After graduation, she has completed 100 commercial musical shows, and her followers on the web are now over 300k.

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