Taylor St Youth
x = independently organized TED event

Theme: Spirit

This event occurred on
June 8, 2024
Dallas, Texas
United States

This first of hopefully many TEDxTaylor St events highlights a group of dedicated high school students. The theme of spirit we have chosen for this event allows our speakers to share a topic they are truly passionate about to an audience of eager listeners. Come join and support our speakers for this enlightening event as they share opinions, educate many, and transform our stage into a beacon of spirit.

Doors Open
9:20 am
Doors open, attendees settle into the venue and enjoy the provided snacks and drinks

10:15 am
First speaker session

Intermission and Auction
11:00 am
Attendees can use this time to enjoy provided snacks and drinks as well as bid in our auction to win a TEDx T-Shirt or a TEDx Poster signed by all of our speakers and officers!

11:35 am
Second speaker session

Award Ceremony
12:05 pm
Two lucky speakers receive awards on stage!

After Party
12:25 pm
Meet our speakers and officers, get speaker autographs, take pictures, and enjoy provided snacks and drinks!

End of Event
1:20 pm

Life In Deep Ellum
2803 Taylor Street
The Venue
Dallas, Texas, 75226
United States
Event type:
Youth (What is this?)
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Speakers may not be confirmed. Check event website for more information.

Dyuthi Nagaraju

Dyuthi is going into her junior year at Frisco Heritage High School. Her goal in becoming a TEDx speaker is to be able to spread her speech’s message out to a large audience over an effective platform. Dyuthi's favorite subjects in school are history and science. She loves art, music and books. In her free time, she enjoys drawing, painting, reading and playing piano. After high school, she plans to become a pediatrician and someday open her own practice.

Isabel Senft

Isabel is going into her sophomore year at Frisco Heritage High School. She finds it very important to spread messages about the things you're passionate about. She has always been very interested in TED Talk and TEDx because she believes it is one of the best ways to get a message across an audience due to its large following. Isabel is very passionate about music, writing, acting, and overall storytelling. Her plans after high school are to study zoology and hopefully publish her very own video game.

Namita Ventrapragada

Namita is going into her sophomore year at Frisco Heritage High School. She has always loved watching TEDx speeches and listening to people talk about topics they are passionate about. Ever since she first watched a TEDx speech, she has imagined herself on stage and been amazed at the idea of truly making an impact and being out in the world by sharing valuable ideas with hundreds of people. She believes TEDx is an incredible platform to facilitate change and diversify knowledge. Namita is passionate about learning, enjoying life, reading, the medical field, and watching movies. After High School, she plans to pursue a career in the medical field, specifically as a doctor, and aims to have a significant impact on people’s lives.

Nicole Anne Chan

Nicole is going into her junior year at Frisco Heritage high school. Nicole became a TEDx speaker in order to help spread awareness about the deaf community and American Sign Language (ASL) so that more people can involve themselves in deaf culture or become a little more educated and aware of deaf and hard of hearing people. She is very passionate about band, music, ASL and deaf culture. She loves playing instruments, listening to and learning to play new songs, and participating in her schools marching band. She also enjoys signing and being able to learn more about deaf culture. Additionally, she loves being able to educate people about the deaf community and ASL, especially as an ASL school club president. She plans to go to a good medical school at either Rice or Baylor and major in physical therapy with a minor in ASL.

Rowan Ramesh

Rowan is going into his senior year at Frisco Heritage High School. He loves having the platform to speak about something he is passionate about. He says, "We all have a voice, and I am excited to heard!" Rowan is a passionate member of his school’s theatre department, and in his free time he plays the drums, videogames and loves to work out. He is also very passionate about preaching awareness for mental health, gun violence, and equity. After high school, Rowan hopes to achieve a graduate degree in psychology to eventually pursue counseling, and minor in theatre and entomology.

Tarita Jaganathan

Tarita is going into her junior year at Frisco Heritage High School. Tarita’s favorite subjects in school include art, history and english. In Tarita’s free time, she pursues many creative outlets, such as painting and writing. Tarita hopes to publish a book someday, and one day become a lawyer specializing in the field of fashion law or international law.

Organizing team


Frisco, TX, United States


Frisco, TX, United States
  • Aarush Singh
  • Clover Miravella
  • Oviya Mathi