x = independently organized TED event

Theme: The design of life

This event occurred on
June 8, 2024
Alanya, Antalya

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized (subject to certain rules and regulations).

Alanya kültür merkezi (alanya's cultural centre)
Saray, İsmet Hilmi Balcı Cd. Alanya kültür merkezi
2nd floor
Alanya, Antalya, 07400
Event type:
Youth (What is this?)
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Ada Gencelli

Highschool student grade 9
Ada who's a highschool student has a lots of experience in sports like Volleyball, swimming, sailing, basketball and judo. She is also one of our school ambassadors between Türkiye and japan and has been on the exchange program multiple times

Adam Tahli

High School Student Grade 11
Adam Tahli is a member of the school basketball team, track team, and is the president of the TED Ed Club at Yaşam Tasarım Schools. He has been a volunteer speaker for three years. Adam is not only a proud member of the student government, but has also participated in Science Club, School Book Worms, and Robotics Club as a freshman and a sophomore years of high school.he is the host of our local yaşam tasarım experience podcast and also the captain of our debate team and our international communications committee. Adam is also writing his own book regarding self improvement titled: there is no depression.

Alhamza Falih Fawwaz Almamoori

Middle school student 7 grade
Hamza is an excellent English speaker; he is kind and creative; he adores fine arts and coding; he aced the TOEFL junior exams; he is a fine delegate at JMUN; and he used to watch TED Talks when he was younger.

Alperen Demir

Highschool student 11 grade
Alperen is an 11th grader in yaşam tasarım. He was one of best players in our voleyball team. A professional tennis player. He was not only good a sportsman he can play the piano too. He decided to get in TEDx and try new things.

Arda Çetinsöz

Middle school student grade 8
Arda believes in keeping a strong mind in a strong body, he is active in both the robotic and the basketball team. With various accomplishments in both fields, arda is looking forward to sharing his ideas of how to improve ourselves during teenage years with us

Çağla Su Tunç

Highschool student 10 grade
Çağla is a highschool student in yaşam tasarım who is very much invested in different kinds of sports and has multiple championships in swimming, football, basketball, volleyball.

Dihya Goncharov

Highschool student 11 grade
Dihya is very interested in sports. He has a first place in triathlon. He was placed 3rd in the local run in Antalya. He was 2nd in tennis in Alanya. Not only these but he was a honorable member in the basketball team that got into the finals. He was a streetbasketballer too. And he is one of the best swimmers in Alanya. He was 2nd in chess in his school.It has been a big dream of his to talk on this stage and now he has accomplished his dream.

Dr. Nihan Sidar

Head of Department, Department of Tourism Management
• Demonstrated track record of teaching, research, and publications in tourism management. • Proven experience in curriculum development and program management, at the departmental or university level. • Skilled in managing teams and coordinating departmental activities. Assistant Professor, Department of Tourism Management March 2016-present • Passionate about teaching at the undergraduate and/or graduate level. • Developed and delivered high-quality courses and curriculum. • Engaged students through effective instructional methods and promoted critical thinking and learning outcomes. • Actively involved in research activities, including publishing scholarly articles in reputable journals, and presenting at conferences. Coordinator of International Relations Office March 2017-November 2020 Planned, organized, and coordinated activities within the scope of Erasmus.

Ebrar Sude Durmaz

Highschool student 9 grade
Ebrar is a promising young author who is deeply invested in english literature. She has written several poems and screenplays for different schools and programs in our city.

Ekin Su Atmaca

Highschool student 9 grade
Ekin is a highschool student at yaşam tasarım who's also a member of our volleyball team and our orchestra

Ela Özdemir

Highschool student grade10
Highschool student in yaşam tasarım science department, a member of alanya debate committee

Ela Deniz Coşar

Middle school student grade 8
Ela Deniz is an amazing english speaker who's been playing tennis and volleyball for years. She is also highly invested in music history and plays various musical instruments

Elif Uzuner

High school student 10th grade
Member of the mun club Former captain of the debate club Young art enthusiast 12th in a national math contest Numerous achievements in fencing Violin player Won 3 singing contest

Eylül Demirtürk

High scool 11th grade
Eylül is an excellent English speaker that was a part of the school's debate club she is one of the founders of the MUN club and has been a part of multiple scool activities and has a diving certificate which she used to volunteer in the sea deep cleaning that was organised by the Rotary club and the ministry of Alanya

Eylül Ceren Seçer

Highschool student 11 grade
Ceren is an enthusiastic young writer who is greatly interested in western literature and a promising future in writing

Fahrettin Cak

Managing partner in DT technologies company
1970 yılında Trabzon-Maçka’da doğan Fahrettin Çak, Özel Darüşşafaka Lisesi’nden sonra İstanbul Üniversitesi Siyasal Bilgiler Uluslararası İlişkiler Bölümünden mezun oldu.2008 yılında Netone Telekom’un Turknet’i satın alıp bireysel kanala da girmesi ile kurumsal kanal yanında bireysel satış kanal yapısının kurulması, çeşitlendirilmesi ve yapılandırılması, tele satış kanalının kurulması ve işlerlik kazandırılması gibi çalışmalara öncülük etti.TÜBİYAD Finans ve Bilişim Yöneticileri derneği üyelerinden olan Çak, halen TÜBİYAD’da çeşitli görevler üstlenmektedir.

Gözde Gülerer

Highschool Student Grade 9
As a highschool Student at Yaşam Tasarım Schools, Gözde Gülerer was awarded in the Nationwide Competition by THE SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNOLOGICAL RESEARCH COUNCIL OF TÜRKİYE (TUBITAK). The Secondary School Students Research Projects Competition was organized in order to encourage secondary school students to carry out studies in basic, social and applied science fields, to direct them and to contribute to the development of their current scientific studies.

Gürcan Orgun

Intern Doctor
Gürcan ORGUN I am an intern doctor with a passion for both medicine and linguistic precision. Throughout medical school, I honed my skills in pharmaceutical translation as well as contributing to the translation of an anatomy atlas by one of my mentors. In addition to my academic and professional pursuits, I have been involved in various extracurricular projects. I played a role in a Tübitak project, although the project didn't come to fruition, it was a valuable learning experience that taught me resilience and the importance of adaptability in scientific research. My high school years were marked by active participation in Model United Nations (MUN) conferences, where I developed my public speaking and diplomatic skills. My prowess at linguistic skills were recognized with a scholarship for a student exchange program with Poland, which broadened my cultural and educational horizons.

Hüseyin Nazif Nazifoğlu

Highschool student 11 grade
Nazif is one of the brightest musical minds that this one had the honour of meeting in his life, playing 4 different musical instruments nazif is also a song writer and composer who is also fluent in english language

Kaan Çomruk

High scool student 11 grade
Kaan is an active sportsman and a member of our basketball, swimming and football team

Kaan Gölcükçü

Highschool student 9 grade
Kaan Golcukcu can speak english fluently, has perfect pitch, can play the piano by ear, has several victories in school contests such as football, dodgeball, basketball. Can play football better than an average person (not professional) interested in movies and tv series. He is a collecter, he has thousands of action figures of famous franchises. Kaan Golcukcu is a good impressionist, he can mimic someones voices perfectly when he has the enough time. Studies at Yasam Tasarim Anatolian Highschool

Mehmet Demir Ürkmezer

Middle school student 7th grade
Demir is a enthusiastic english speaker who is highly into video games and sorts of digital arts.he pursues in playing the drums and also does fencing.He plans on shraring his rather untouched ideas with us

Melis Ürkmezer

Highschool student 9 grade
Melis is an exceptional highschool student in yaşam tasarım who has the experience of being a Ted speaker from last year

Nil Saltalı

High School Student 10th Grader
Nil is one of the most talented english speakers in alanya with numerous achievements that back this claim up such as: State debate champion Experienced MUN admin The school's peace ambassador between Turkey and japan With a firm grasp on 4 international languages

Nuray Teslime Küçükavara

High School Student Grade 10
Nuray is a conscientious student at Yaşam Tasarım Schools. She is a bilingual student who is creative and flexible. She is open-minded, and she also finds it easier to focus on a variety of tasks simultaneously.

Onur Akçam

Highschool student 10 grade
Onur is a highschool student in yaşam tasarım who's been on multiple exchange programs around the world and is also a member of our MUN committee

Öykü Sadullahoğlu

High School Student Grade10
Öykü is an exceptional student at Yaşam Tasarım Schools. She is very good at playing a few musical instruments and singing.

Shakur Goncharov

Highschool student grade9
Shakur Goncharov is russian, he knows three languages (Turkish, Russian, English) he has a medal in chess contest. He is interested in coding/programming. He loves playing sports such as basketball and voleyball.

Talya Uyar

Highschool student 9 grade
A member of our local MUN team and an exceptional speaker who also plays piano

Yağız Kanmaz

Highschool student 9 grade
Yağız is an outstanding English speaker, and he also learns Italian who plays chess and basketball. Who recently got injured and more motivated then ever to get himself to a better point.

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