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Theme: Zombie Education

This event occurred on
May 7, 2024
Canillo, Canillo

We have three educational systems in our country. We propose a dialogue between experiences and different educational models, and we challenge you to wake up as an educational community, beyond the school.

Palau de Gel de Canillo
Ctra General
Canillo, Canillo, AD100
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Anna Miró

She is a mother and early childhood education teacher specializing in attention to diversity, graduated from the Rovira i Virgili University of Tarragona. Her professional career began at a private school in Tarragona, where she was certified as a DAIP family education expert. Then, for family reasons, he moved to Andorra, where he continued his educational work in schools, but more focused on neurodiversity. The motivation to look for tools to help her face daily challenges, both in the classroom and at home, led her to positive discipline; since then, she has been certified by the Positive Discipline Association in classroom, early childhood, and family positive discipline workshops, transforming her educational and family vision. This approach has changed the way she approaches daily challenges, and has created a need in her to share her learning with others.

Anna Saperas

Jane Goodall's passion for nature is the source of our inspiration to explore the mountains of the world from an environmental point of view. Therefore, we will create a classroom where these mountains are represented and, as we cannot ignore the wonderful landscape that we see every day, we will place great emphasis on the mountains that surround us in Andorra and we will focus on their fauna. We will integrate technology to "travel" to these landscapes, promoting conservation and respect for the environment. We will include observation, art and science activities to connect the mountains as unique ecosystems and promote environmental awareness.

Cerni Pol

Lawyer and Musician
Born in Canillo, he is a lawyer and music teacher recognized for his dedication to law and music. After completing his studies first in physics at the UB and then law at the UOC, he embarked on a professional career as a lawyer, specializing in civil and criminal law. Alongside his legal career, Cerni has also cultivated a passion for music since his youth. As a self-taught musician, he has explored different genres and instrumentation, from piano and viola to trombone and currently saxophone. He has participated in several local bands and musical projects, gaining admiration for his musical prowess and his ability to foster associative initiatives for the benefit of the community. With a creative and multifaceted spirit, Cerni Pol continues to balance his career as a lawyer with his passion for teaching music, proving that it is possible to follow diverse passions in a full and fulfilling life.

Isabel Sánchez

Director of the Bachelor in Business Administration and Management and MBA at Carlemany University and teacher in different postgraduate programs at Grupo Planeta Business Schools: (Carlemany, VIU, OBS) and at ESADE. Professional specialized in Banking and Consulting with experience in the Big Four and in different top-level financial entities (KPMG, Popular, Santander...), currently working as Business Continuity and Crisis Manager at Volkswagen Bank (branch in Spain).

Lucia Cazorla

Understanding the classroom space as discourse, they find themselves in an educational fabric in which students are overstimulated by constant technological and social factors imposed on them. It is the immediate rush to grow up that is the protagonist of these generations that anesthetizes the concept of childhood in which the senses and experience cease to give way to meaningful learning. This is why the creation of a three-dimensional reality is proposed, moving from the dialogue, teacher-student, to the trilogy where the representation of reality will be the third vertex to regenerate invisible pedagogies where the act of learning is articulated by the inclusion of those elements that go unnoticed in a hidden curriculum: the power of the image, memories, emotions and experiences.

Maite Calzada

Speech Therapist
Maite has more than 20 years of experience in the field of children's speech therapy, working both in the school and private sector. Her passion for identifying the causes of observed difficulties led her to train in psycho-pedagogy and neuro-psycho-pedagogy. She is currently an entrepreneur and creator of Logocube, a specialized material designed to successfully overcome learning difficulties.

Patrick Morlaes

Teacher and pedagogical adviser within the French education system. Multidisciplinary athlete in cross-country skiing, biathlon, mountain triathlon, cycling and football. Before becoming a teacher, he was an instructor - lifeguard at the Sant Julià swimming pool, and a ski instructor at the slopes of Pal and for a few months in 1985 at the station maintenance of Ordino-Arcalís. He has worked at the Arinsal-Pal and Ordino Arcalís ski clubs in the first year of their creation. In the sporting field, he won the Catalan cup and the Spanish mountain skiing championship in 1992.

Pedro Corral

Teaching technical adviser
He advises at the Ministry of Education of the Spanish Embassy in Andorra Where he works on the development of the Principality's Spanish educational system. He has also been an advisor at the Spanish embassy in Morocco and a teacher in very diverse intercultural educational contexts in Spain, Morocco and the Netherlands. A lifetime, almost 40 years, working in the world of education from points of view as diverse as educational administration, teacher training, the classroom and trade unionism. But always a student, always learning new possibilities and paths. At the moment he explores the effects of the ICT revolution in education and the need to boost creativity in our classrooms. Passionate about cinema, theatre, travel, learning new languages and, ultimately, adopting new perspectives that immunize us from fanaticism.

Tomàs Navarro

Psychologist, author.
Psychologist, consultant and atypical writer. His nine books are translated into more than 40 languages, he does his sessions walking, cycling, climbing or skiing and has helped companies in more than 30 countries to improve the emotional well-being, involvement, decisions and motivation of their teams . He was one of the pioneers of outdoor training at the beginning of the 2000s and has done unique projects such as exciting 40,000 people at the opening of a football stadium. He is a psychologist very involved in educational issues who has trained thousands of teachers in different countries and regularly collaborates with different media at international level.

Vicky Mateu

Nature Activist; trainer and instructor
My proposal to the world is to remember that in order to fully develop as the living beings that we are, we must be in close and daily contact with nature. With more emphasis when we talk about the first stages of life, childhood and youth, because it is at the time when values, attitudes and skills are forged that will serve us throughout life; to be in fullness, to live in community and to fit in with our environment. The current distancing and extinction of experience in our society and childhood with nature it takes us away from valuable learning that it offers us. The first and essential teacher is Nature.

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Canillo, Andorra

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