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Theme: Passage of Time

This event occurred on
April 26, 2024
Edmonton, Alberta

Our 2024 Tedx event will be held on April 26, from 5-8pm.
Tickets are $5 each and sales will start on Monday, April 22nd and last until Thursday April 25th at lunch in the front foyer.
Outside guests are allowed to attend, in case you would like to bring friends or family outside of OSA.
Not only will there be free food and some insightful talks, but also the chance to win several prizes such as a polaroid camera, beats headphones, and Tedx merchandise.
Follow our instagram page @tedxoldsconaacademic for more information!

Old Scona Academic
10523 84 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta, T6R 0P1
Event type:
Youth (What is this?)
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Speakers may not be confirmed. Check event website for more information.

Dylan Sheen

With a passion for creation ingrained in him since childhood, Dylan Sheen, a grade 12 student at Old Scona Academic, has been drawn (quite literally) into the realms of art and design. Throughout his life, he has expressed this passion through various mediums in art, literature and cuisine. Yet, beyond these artistic pursuits he contemplates the intricacies of the human condition and his own place in the world. In his upcoming TEDx talk, Dylan aims to explore the interconnectedness of humanity through a lens familiar to his personal journey and growth, showcasing the profound ways in which simple elements of life can serve as poignant metaphors for the human experience.

Elina Ajamian

As a passionate advocate for mental health and women’s rights, grade 12 student Elina Ajamian’s speech delves into the representation of aging in the media and its impact, particularly on women. Through her speech she hopes to point out the flaws in media representation, and why it is important to reshape it. Her passion for women’s health also led her to co-found The Flow Project, which is a non-profit dedicated to aiding menstruators facing period poverty. Elina has also done research on the predictors of female depression, and plans on working to create a more inclusive and equitable society.

Emma Mo

Swimming holds a significant place in my life as it has taught me the value of persistence and commitment that enables me to transform challenging tasks into successful accomplishments. In addition to sports, I am also deeply passionate about music. In my free time. I possess a keen interest in reading, public speaking and story writing as well.

Esam Taher

As a grade 10 student at Old Scona Academic, Esam likes to spend his free time reading fantasy books, printing trinkets on his 3D printer, and playing tennis with his friends and family. However, as a high-school student, he also has first-hand experience witnessing how mental and academic burnout affects students, and aims to address the conditions and consequences of the pressures on our society’s youth in his talk.

Jemimah Ashaolu

Hello there! I'm Jemimah Ashaolu, currently a grade 10 student at Old Scona Academic. My passions include immersing myself in art, delving into philosophical discussions, and experimenting in the kitchen with diverse recipes to savour different cultures and flavours. Today, I aim to shed light on a pressing issue that resonates with many of my fellow students: our relationship with time and the dread that comes with losing it. Through my talk, I aspire to reassure them that they're not alone in navigating these feelings.

Lukas Bucerias

Lukas Bucerius is a grade 10 student at OSA who is involved in many different activities, both inside and outside of school. He enjoys playing his two instruments, cello and saxophone, as well as cross-country skiing with the Edmonton Nordic Ski Club outside of school, and is also heavily involved within the school community as a SET leader and junior club executive. Additionally, he possesses a strong interest in multiple areas of science and mathematics, including physics and neuroscience, allowing him to have a unique perspective when it comes to the topic of his speech. His Ted talk will primarily have to do with the idea that time and subsequentially the passing of time have multiple different definitions, and more specifically the difference between physical and percieved time.

Nicole Chu

Nicole Chu is an outgoing grade 10 student at Old Scona Academic with a passion for public speaking. Starting from a young age, Nicole has taken part in speech competitions and has gone on to the provincial and national levels. She has always had a curious mind, constantly posing questions about the world around her and what the future holds, which inspired her TEDx talk. Nicole will explore the significance of small moments and the impacts that they hold on our lives, drawing inspiration from experiences that are shared by everyone. She hopes that by recognizing the limited nature of time, people can take a step back and look at the bigger picture, taking in all that life has to offer.

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