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Theme: Ripples - Wave's First Whisper

This event occurred on
May 7, 2024
Kottayam, Kerala

Change is inevitable. It's the fundamental force that shapes the very fabric of existence, from the grand movements of galaxies to the subtle shifts within our own hearts. . From the gentle caress of a breeze to the mighty roar of an ocean wave, every action, every thought sends forth vibrations that reverberate through the tapestry of existence. Ripples, something invisible yet profound. A notion that even the smallest actions can have far-reaching consequences. A promise of renewal and transformation. A chance for potential growth, for evolution, for the emergence of new possibilities from the depths of uncertainty. In a world often overshadowed by grand gestures and monumental achievements, we invite you to embrace the magic of the minuscule, the magnificence of the mundane. For it is in these moments, these small yet significant acts, that the true essence of humanity resides. Ripples - a reminder that within each of us lies the power to shape the world, one small ripple at a time

Amal Jyothi College of Engineering
Kanjirappally, Koovappally P.O.
Kottayam, Kerala, 686518
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University (What is this?)
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Alphia James

International WH Badminton player
Alphia James, is an example of resilience and triumph in para badminton. Her journey is defined by unwavering determination. Despite the hurdles, Alphia's indomitable spirit propels her towards greatness. Her talent and perseverance earned her acclaim at the state level, securing her spot at national championships. Additionally, Alphia is an intrepid traveler, an international WH Badminton player, and a national WH Badminton champion. She also excels as a national basketball player. Her multifaceted achievements and unwavering passion serve as inspiration, proving that with determination, the possibilities are limitless.

Deepu Xavier

Co-Founder, ZappyHire
An entrepreneur, engineer, tech enthusiast and a visionary, Deepu Xavier has created waves within the tech industry. As the co-founder of Zappyhire and previously the Principal Product Manager of Java, his contributions in the tech industry have been truly significant. His ability to turn aspirations into remarkable achievements has earned him many recognitions, including being named an Economic Times Young Leader. Deepu's journey is a testament to the power of innovation and determination in shaping the future of technology.

Mohammed Aflal P

Influencer, Content Creator
A powerhouse in the digital 6realm, blending entrepreneurship with creativity. With over 2 million followers, he's not just a social media influencer but a trailblazer in content creation, spanning topics from mysteries to finance. His dynamic approach to storytelling on AF World by AFLU captivates audiences worldwide, reflecting his passion for empowering others with knowledge and practical insights. In addition to his creative pursuits, he ardently strives to disseminate his expertise and wisdom through his online educational platform, transcending traditional boundaries.

Narayana Bhattathiri

Malayalam Calligrapher
Narayana Bhattathiri, a visionary artist and calligrapher, stands as a pioneering figure in India's artistic landscape. He emanates gentleness and soft-spoken grace, yet his passion for calligraphy burns fiercely within him. His dedication to this art form is all-consuming, evident in his recognition as a Jikji Prize winner for calligraphy, an esteemed award established by the South Korean Government and named after the first-ever published book. Renowned for his mastery of calligraphy, he has established the sole gallery ‘Ka Cha Ta Tha Pa’, dedicated to this intricate art form in the country. With his passion for preserving and promoting the beauty of calligraphy, Bhattathiri has become a beacon for artists and enthusiasts alike, enriching India's cultural heritage through his profound talent and dedication.

Sreehari Manghat

Folker, Storyteller
An extraordinary folker - a true Renaissance soul with a passion for social volunteering, storytelling, and the mysteries of the mind. As a mentalist, he weaves enchanting tales and captivates audiences with his unique abilities. He holds a world record for leading the longest hymn ensemble, showcasing his dedication to music and community. And as a cherished member of the 'Soul of the Folks' band, his melodies resonate deeply with all who hear them.

Sreeja Shyam

A luminary in Kerala's media landscape, renowned for her captivating style and fearless reporting. With her unparalleled reputation as the chief sub-editor at Mathrubhumi & notable contributions at Indiavision, she has navigated the evolving trends of Kerala's journalistic arena with grace and acumen. Her ability to communicate with a smile and deliver bold statements has made her a household name, inspiring aspiring journalists across the region. As one of Kerala's most respected journalists, she continues to set the standard for excellence, leaving an enduring legacy in the field.

Ummer Sabu

Influencer, Content Creator
Meet the culinary prodigy well known as "Food Hunter Sabu"! With an insatiable appetite for adventure and a keen palate that seeks out the extraordinary, Sabu is on a mission to uncover the hidden gems of the culinary world. Beyond the glitz and glamour of five-star establishments, he digs deep into the heart of communities, looking out for humble cafes and lesser-known culinary marvels that frequently outperform their more famous counterparts.

Vigneshwari V

IAS Officer
As the current district collector of Kottayam district, V. Vigneshwari is a remarkable young IAS officer known for her dynamic approach to public service and commitment to social justice. She has implemented various projects like ‘Beloved Kottayam’, ‘With Love Kottayam’, ‘Wall of Love’ etc for the betterment of society. Her ability to engage with diverse stakeholders and her unwavering commitment to public service underscore her status as a role model for young people aspiring to make a difference through government service.

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Kanjirappally, India