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Theme: Renewal

This event occurred on
May 27, 2024
Shanghai, Shanghai

"Renewal" as the theme for the first TED×FDIS event, is inspired by the famous saying from The Great Learning: “If you can one day renew yourself, do so from day to day. Let there be daily renewal.” This quote emphasizes the importance of continuous learning and self-renewal. In today's context, this idea threads through the fabric of our students' journey, intertwining their moments, dreams, and triumphs.
The theme of "Renewal" is also deeply connected with the name and motto of Fudan University, which originates from ancient Chinese literature the Book of Documents (《尚书》): " Itinerant as the twilight, the sun glows and the moon luminesce (日月光华,旦复旦兮)". Therefore, “Fudan” refers to the brilliance of the sun and the moon, symbolizing brightness and splendor. FDIS upholds the spirit of Fudan, hence the choice of this theme not only carries forward historical and cultural legacies but also reflects the aspiration towards the bright future and hope of our students.
"Renewal" encourages students to embrace change and continuously learn and explore new knowledge and skills. This mindset not only enables them to adapt to rapidly changing societal environments but also fosters innovative thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Lecture Hall, Duzhi Building
Guoquan Road 383
6th floor
Shanghai, Shanghai, 200433
Event type:
Youth (What is this?)
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Albert Gao

Albert is a G9 student at FDIS.

Emily Wang

Emily is a G6 student at FDIS.

Hilary Zhuang

Hilary is a G2 student at FDIS.

Kyle Zhang

Kyle is a G4 student at FDIS.

Sean Tian

Sean Tian is a G11 student at FDIS.

Zandermine Miller

Zandermine is a G8 student at FDIS

Organizing team


Shanghai, China


  • Rachel Li
    Team member